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TOPIC: Post Peak Oil Energy?

Post Peak Oil Energy? 2 years 1 day ago #1

  • whiers
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Hi everyone,
I just discovered your first podcast, congrats!
While listening I heard Erik mention very briefly but not really explain it and then they moved on quickly. I'm not sure if he is on here but I'm sure this topic could generate a lot of input.
Peak oil. Its a thing, prices are going to rise, supply is going to taper off indefinitely. According to many sources global oil production peaked in 2005-2006 and has been on what's known as the rocky plateau ever since. According to the Hirsh Report to the Senate Subcommittee on Energy our country needs investment into a post oil infrastructure decades in advance of this milestone that is now nearly a decade behind us.
Assuming this is true then it is rational to assume that gasoline could become unaffordable for many people. Following that thought to its conclusion then consumerism as a way of life disappears for many people who cannot afford the energy required to live in it and we will have to transition to a post-consumerism, even a post-service economy.
What will that economy look like? What source of energy might replace oil, one of the most energy dense substances ever discovered? Could oil itself be a form of currency available only to the wealthy or will we transition to something low cost like compressed air generated from a simple trompe with little cost or inputs? And how would you even begin to invest for a future that is different from everything we have known for the last century?
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Post Peak Oil Energy? 2 years 6 hours ago #2

  • ErikTownsend
    Erik Townsend
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Have you seen my Peak Oil Investing videos? They provide a basic framework that answers many of the questions you propose here.

Original two videos produced end of 2010: and

Update from December 2014:

There are some aspects of my outlook that have changed since Video #3 was produced just over a year ago, but you can still get the essence of my views on Peak Cheap oil and what the future will bring from these three videos. The big difference in outlook is that I now think prices in the teens are entirely possible if we hit a storage crisis, which more and more analysts think is possible. Other than the short term outlook being more bearish, most of my views expressed in Video III from Dec. 2014 still apply today.

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Post Peak Oil Energy? 1 year 11 months ago #3

  • Palace
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Interesting questions that no one can answer. The only thing that's for sure is that it's going to be a wild ride from here.
I think peak oil marks the beginning of the end of the industrial civilisation. It is going to become more apparent in the next 20 years. I don't think we'll be able to maintain our current infrastructure, our current population levels or repay the trillions of debt unless something miraculous happens.

When fossil fuels go so goes industrialism.

Further reading:
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