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default James Grant [Grant's Interest Rate Observer] - Background Music for Change (638 downloads) Popular
default Sam Zell [Equity Group Investments] - Not Bullish on Economy, Real Estate Market (557 downloads) Popular
pdf Howard Marks [Oaktree Capital] - Implications of the Election ( pdf, 883 KB ) (531 downloads) Popular
pdf Kyle Bass [Hayman Capital] - The U.S. Still Has a Drug Problem ( pdf, 629 KB ) (3038 downloads) Popular
default ClearMacro - Bonds, Where We Stand on the Sell-off (460 downloads)
default Erico Matias Tavares - The Coming Bond Market Crash - An Interview with Eric Hadik (458 downloads)
default Bill Witz [Foundation for Economic Education] - Think American Voters Have It Bad? Look at France (415 downloads)
pdf Daniel Oliver [Myrmikan Capital] - Gold Mining Stocks Correction (428 downloads)
pdf Bill O'Grady [Confluence Investment Management] - The Geopolitics of the Reserve Currency: Part 1 (413 downloads)
default Michael Edesess, Ph.D - The Damage Done by the Nobel Prize in Economics (436 downloads)
default David Hay [Evergreen Gavekal] - Big Government, Even Bigger Sins (366 downloads)
default Raoul Pal [Real Vision Television] - Hyper-connectivity is Taking Global Risk to Extremes (513 downloads) Popular
pdf David Einhorn [Greenlight Capital] - 3Q Investor Letter ( pdf, 44 KB ) (790 downloads) Popular
default The Scene - Disrupting the Global Economy, Jim Chanos & Kyle Bass (628 downloads) Popular
default Dr. Kent Moors [Energy Capital Research Group] - Saudis Hope to Play Expanding Middle East Debt Market (342 downloads)
default Carmen Reinhart [Stock Board Asset] - The Return of Dollar Shortages (432 downloads)
default Jeffrey Snider [Alhambra Partners] - Admitting Wrong May Be Better But It Still Doesn’t Equate to Suddenly Being Effective (413 downloads)
default Hu Shuli [ChinaFile] - The Yuan’s Internationalization is Just Beginning (398 downloads)
default David McWilliams [Woodford Funds] - Main Street vs Wall Street (355 downloads)
default Dr. Pippa Malmgren [NewStatesman] - Donald Trump Has Won, Even If He Loses the US Election (533 downloads) Popular

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