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default Amar Reganti [GMO] - The Reserve: The Dollar, the Renminbi, and Status of Reserve (271 downloads)
default James Grant [WSJ] - Hostage to a Bull Market (336 downloads)
default Axel Merk [Merk Investments] - Failure of Inflation Targeting?! (280 downloads)
pdf Jeffrey Gundlach [DoubleLine Funds] - Investor Webcast Presentation Slides ( pdf, 2.82 MB ) (371 downloads)
default Paul Singer [Elliott Management] - CNBC Delivering Alpha Full Interview (325 downloads)
default Jim Chanos [Kynikos Associates] - CNBC Delivering Alpha Full Interview (365 downloads)
default Mark Lilla [Harper's] - Only an Apocalypse Can Save Us Now (365 downloads)
pdf Goldman Sachs - Giving Credit Where It's Due: Spotlight on the G20 ( pdf, 353 KB ) (298 downloads)
default Danielle DiMartino Booth [Money Strong] - The Dirty Harry Jobs Report (252 downloads)
default John Hussman [Hussman Funds] - Failed Transmission - Evidence on the Futility of Activist Fed Policy (299 downloads)
default Marin Katusa [Katusa Research] - The Way of the Alligator (365 downloads)
default Jesse Felder [The Felder Report] - Cash: The Most Hated Asset Class on the Planet (290 downloads)
default Jeffrey Snider [Alhambra Partners] - The Real Economy: What The Interest Rate Fallacy Truly Means (365 downloads)
default Macro Ops - Marxist Bubbles and Taleb's Turkey: It's Going to be an Awkward Thanksgiving (343 downloads)
default Sprott Global - Rick Rule: There’s Beginning To Be A Desire To, "Buy The Next Thing To Move" In Resource Markets (389 downloads)
pdf Broyhill Asset Management - A Dangerous Mindset August 2016 ( pdf, 1.52 MB ) (321 downloads)
pdf Enterprise Product Partners - Citi MLP/Midstream Infrastructure Conference August 2016 Presentation ( pdf, 4.36 MB ) (304 downloads)
pdf Hummingbird Partners - Q2 2016 Quarterly Letter ( pdf, 642 KB ) (351 downloads)
default Chris Ciovacco [Ciovacco Capital] - Is Dow Theory Telling Us The Stock Rally Is Going To Fail? (278 downloads)
default Alasdair Macleod [Goldmoney] - How GDP Conceals Inflation (307 downloads)

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