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All-Star Julian Brigden: The Fed needs to ease

Today’s MacroVoices All-Star is Julian Brigden, who says that the Fed needs to ease and why the dollar is crucial to kick off the next wave of the cycle

2019-06-04 MacroVoices

All-Star Steve Keen: Debunking the fake climate science of William Nordhause

Today’s MacroVoices All-Star is Professor Steve Keen, who says Nobel laureate William Nordhaus has failed to consider tipping points that will make the impact of climate change far worse than Nordhaus predicts.

2019-06-03 MacroVoices

All-Star Danielle DiMartino-Booth: Deflation is the name of the game unless/until helicopter money hits the stage

Today’s MacroVoices All-Star Danielle DiMartino Booth says deflation, lower commodity prices, and lower bond yields will be the theme going forward unless/until the political process brings MMT or other “Helicopter Money” into the equation.

2019-05-31 MacroVoices

Lakshman Achuthan: Economic cycle analysis does NOT indicate end of business cycle

 Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Lakshman Achuthan to MacroVoices. Erik and Lakshman discuss the concept of late cycle and how the cycle works, correlation between growth rate downturn and risks of a recession, and what the leading indicators show when the cycle is ending.

2019-05-30 MacroVoices

Energy Week Episode 4: There’s been a disturbance in the force! (What just happened?)

This week's MacroVoices Energy Week features Ole Hansen, Chris Cook and Patricia Hemsworth. What's driving this week's roller coaster ride in oil prices? China Trade? Iran? Inventory builds? Our panel weighs in.

2019-05-29 MacroVoices

All-Star Luke Gromen: There’s reason to think the U.S. Dollar is topping here

Today's MacroVoices All-Star Luke Gromen says that the Fed Funds rate moving stubbornly over IOER is a clear sign that the Fed will soon be forced to supply more dollar liquidity, a bearish sign given current sentiment extremes.

2019-05-29 MacroVoices

All-Star Dr. Pippa Malmgren: Geopolitics is increasingly important for investors!

Today's MacroVoices All-Star Dr.Pippa Malmgren says that between the U.S.-China trade situation, populism winning in European elections, and the unfolding U.S-Iran debacle, Geopolitics is more important than ever for investors.

2019-05-28 MacroVoices

All-Star Kevin Muir says the market is way ahead of the Fed in pricing in easing!

Kevin says the market is way ahead of the Fed in pricing in accommodative monetary policy and thinks bond longs betting on economic collapse will be disappointed, and explains why shorting an INDEX is the wrong way to play a bearish view on U.S./China trade negotiations

2019-05-24 MacroVoices

John Greenwood: We’re at mid-cycle, not late-cycle. Bull Market has plenty of room to run higher.

 Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome John Greenwood to MacroVoices. Erik and John discuss where we are in the business cycle, the mechanics of what really drives the cycle and what comes next.

2019-05-23 MacroVoices

ENERGY WEEK: Geopolitics, front month prices vs. steepening backwardation, and Brent-WTI spread.

ENERGY WEEK #3 features Anas Alhajji, Patricia Hemsworth, and Art Berman.
Topics: Geopolitics/Iran, disparity of front month prices and forward curve backwardation, and WTI-Brent Spread.

2019-05-22 MacroVoices

All-Star Prof. Steve Keen on Richard Vague's new book, A Brief History of Doom

Today’s MacroVoices All-Star is Professor SteveKeen, who weighs in on Richard Vague’s new book, A Brief History of Doom. Steve says Vague has it exactly right, and his analysis of what caused 2008’s Great Financial Crisis jibes almost exactly with Steve’s own analysis of that event.

2019-05-21 MacroVoices

All-Star Juliette Declercq on Populism

Juliette Declercq believes the surprise outcome of the Australian elections is an important signal as the global populist movement calls for more socialism, yet Australia’s Labor Party was defeated in a surprise ‘upset’ election. Juliette examines the costs of socialism and concludes that deficit spending can continue indefinitely, until inflation re-emerges as a macro risk.

2019-05-20 MacroVoices

All-Star Brent Johnson: Much higher stock prices possible

oday’s MacroVoices All-Star is @SantiagoAuFund and he says once we get through this soft patch, MUCH higher stock prices are possible. He says it’s all about U.S. stocks becoming a safe-haven for foreigners as USD appreciation enhances foreign returns.

2019-05-17 MacroVoices

Simon White: U.S. Dollar in the Crosshairs

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Simon White to MacroVoices. Erik and Simon discuss where leading indicators are pressuring US dollar, outlook on US equities and bonds, perspective on the Fed’s cut to its IOER and more.

2019-05-16 MacroVoices

ENERGY WEEK: Geopolitics, Bull/Bear cases & Price Outlook. (with panelists Joe McMonigle, Chris Cook and Tracy Shuchart)

ENERGY WEEK is a new weekly podcast all about crude oil and energy markets for investors. Our host Erik Townsend discusses Geopolitics, Bull/Bear cases & Price Outlook with this week's panelists.

2019-05-15 MacroVoices

MacroVoices All-Star Julian Brigden: The Fed should cut rates NOW!

MI2 Partners founder Julian Brigden explains why the Fed is already late to cut interest rates, and the reason has nothing to do with a China-U.S. trade war.

2019-05-15 MacroVoices

MacroVoices All-Star Danielle DiMartino-Booth: Jay Powell is The Grinch who Stole Liquidity

On today's episode of MacroVoices All Stars, Danielle DiMartino Booth joins our host Erik Townsend to talk about why she thinks Jay Powell is "the Grinch that stole liquidity"

2019-05-14 MacroVoices

MacroVoices All Stars : with Luke Gromen

On today's episode of MacroVoices All Stars, Luke Gromen joins our host Erik Townsend to discuss the trade war between US and China

2019-05-13 MacroVoices

Charlie McElligott: The opportunity will be found selling puts. But not yet!

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Charlie McElligott to MacroVoices. Erik and Charlie discuss the impact of policy change on the yield curve, the drivers of volatility in rates, and futures driven equity unwind and more.

2019-05-09 MacroVoices

ENERGY WEEK: Crude oil glut or crisis & Crude Quality Matters. Panel: Berman/Alhajji/Hemsworth

The inaugural episode of MacroVoices ENERGY WEEK features panelists Art Berman, Anas Alhajji and Patricia Hemsworth.
Topic 1: Glut or crisis on the horizon? Topic 2: Crude Quality Matters. This new weekly podcast is all about crude oil & energy markets.

2019-05-08 MacroVoices

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