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The video is intended for ADVANCED investors, and explains how to use the "Long-Short Equity" hedge fund strategy to achieve superior investment returns in your own account.

This two-part series explains the Digital Currency Revolution to Central Bankers, Elected Officials & Government policymakers. The focus is NOT on cryptocurrency, but rather what's coming next, AFTER cryptocurrency. This series explains why all money will be digital within 25 years, and why government has been slow to understand the sea change already in motion.

Part 2 is the "meat" of the series. Part 1 began with the high level political argument for why Digital Currency will change the world. Part 2 goes deep on monetary concepts and distributed ledger technology.

Ironically, my book was released on the same day Christine Lagard fulfilled one of its predictions by publicly calling for CBDCs. The central prediction of this video is that the U.S. Dollar will be replaced by a new digital global reserve currency. Now on the very day that I'm releasing these videos, BOE chief Mark Carney pitched the idea of a digital reserve currency [the central prediction of my book and these videos] at Jackson Hole. The coincidence of both events happening on days I was releasing content is astonishing.

For the record, this was written on July 18th and recorded on July 25th. It's been delayed for graphics editing since then until its release on August 23rd.

MV Video Digital Currency RevolutionIn this first of what we hope to be many more MacroVoices Videos, Erik Townsend provides an update on the Digital Currency Revolution. In this video Erik covers the following...

  • The Digital Currency Revolution will be as big of a deal as the PC or the Public Internet
  • Blockchain-based Cryptocurrencies will not play a major role in the digital currency revolution
  • New distributed ledger technology is already making Blockchain obsolete
  • Erik’s 2018 book predicted that Silicon Valley tech companies would recognize the opportunity to design and build digital currencies designed to eventually scale to replace the USD as global reserve currency
  • Facebook’s LIBRA announcement confirmed Erik’s prediction
  • Erik says putting Mark Zuckerberg in charge of how money works is a really, really BAD idea!
  • Roadmap for the Digital Currency Revolution which has already begun

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