I have been looking for great market commentary and content for a while now, and finally came across this podcast.
Leaps and bounds ahead of almost everything else out there -- if there is anything better out there, it is highly exclusive. Very informative and educational. Thank you for supplying this highly thoughtful content.

I don't normally bother with commenting on content, be it good or bad, but listening to just a few of your podcasts compelled me to thank and congratulate all those involved, especially Erik and Patrick.

I have been repeatedly taken a back by the content some of your guests have brought to my attention. It has been and continues to be eye-opening and superbly interesting. I don't mind the (occasionally) overwhelming complexity, in fact I welcome and cherish it. I like the way the show is structured and aired, I like that It's ad-free and to the point. I also appreciate the - for the most part - above-average sound quality on the hosts' part. (Some guest's microphones are below par but that's understandable.) I also very much enjoy Eric's intermezzo summaries and questions, which help reinforce the messages.

Thank you and please keep up the good work.

I'm just finishing the last part of the EuroDollar University II - and quite frankly both series and Jeff's work blew my mind ... it explained so much of my open questions actually since 2007, when I first realized that something is going wrong here ... though being European, skeptical in nature, and even worse a German, I permanently thought about how to raise awareness to this issue ... besides writing a story/blog about it in different language, one thing popped into my mind:

WE NEED TO BRING JEFF TO A "BILDERBERG CONFERENCE" ASAP - does someone know how we could accomplish this? Let's make it happen ...


I didn't see a particular address for feedback so I'm using this. I want to thank you for all of your episodes but particularly for the July 19th episode. It was as excellent as always. The portion on managing tail risk was especially valuable to me. I listen to a number of Podcasts and read a number of newsletters to help me with my investing but no where have I fully understood how to manage tail risk. I listened to that portion at least a dozen times and today bought some put options to protect my retirement portfolios downside risk. I feel fantastic about it and was surprised at the little premium I paid for this just as described. I'm in the camp that the market will expand for a little longer here but I had move to 50% cash so I protected my other 50% with the puts. I don't even know what other things like managing tail risk that I could request you cover. Perhaps you know of other topics that would help individual investors like me. It's so obvious to you guys but not at all obvious to me. It makes complete sense. I am retired and actively manage my retirement funds so knowledge like this is invaluable. Thank you very much.


Hi! I'm from Sweden and just want to say that your podcast is super! Thanks for a great job!

First of all, I feel the need to say thank you. MacroVoices is without dispute the best financial podcast produced. Your format is excellent and the entire podcast is useful (vs others who waste a lot of listener time with small talk or conversation intended to be entertaining). Your guests are the best of the best. I love how you bring people like Juliette back often given her track record. Your post-game is always relevant and interesting and we often get two guests in one show. I enjoy both of your personal market views. Lastly, the special series’ you produce are very insightful, especially the dollar end game. I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. THANK YOU.

Hey guys, I am just writing to say that I really appreciate what you all do. Erik is truly great in breaking down the plumbing and technical parts of the bigger picture. The interview with Jim Grant (I am certainly a subscriber) as it was incredible, which is saying something given how great all your interviews are. I am pushing all my colleagues in the firm to listen, as I think this podcast will be a must listen for anyone in the industry. I look forward to this podcast every week since I became a listener and I wish you all the best. Good luck with the further success.

MacroVoices has been a reprieve from the incessant sensationalism that currently dominates mainstream media. Erik's level-headed, thoughtful interview style is refreshing and always thorough. They really leave no stone unturned when it comes to discussing a topic and the depth of thought is consistently compelling. I wouldn't be the investor or thinker I am without my weekly dose of MacroVoices!

By far best financial podcast available. In fact, there are very, very few better sources of investment/financial information in any format.

And finally for the genral thanks: I have been a listener of the podcast from day one. I am a full time airline-pilot for the finnish national carrier finnair, and am living in finland. Although not an accredited investor by the sec-definition, I do have a passion for markets, macro, options and trading. Your podcast really struck a chord with me and I have learned a lot thanks to your efforts! As my job routinely takes me to the hotspots of global financial events, from my home in scandinavia, to singapore, hong kong, mainland china, japan and india as well as new york and the occasional us west-coast layover, I get to see first hand the things your excellent guests bring up in their interviews. Macrovoices has changed the way I view the world for the better! So this time I can't thank you enough for a fantastic show! And to round it off: I really like the current format, where Patrick also brings his views and expertise to the table to bring even more insights and viewpoints to Eriks excellent narratives! The more contrasting views you get, the more you learn! Keep up the good work gentlemen!

I don't have anything in particular per se, but just want to let you know I really enjoy the podcast. I feel like this is one of the very few unbiased podcasts on the Web and I appreicate you not dumbing things down (for the record, I'm just what you might consider a "serious dilettante / dabbler" in the financial markets -- I've spent probably most of my free time outside of work in the last half decade or so studying the markets -- and I can follow along very well! Hard to believe there was a time when I had no idea what someone meant when they said "COT report!")

Dear Eric and team, just a note to say how awesome your podcasts are. The content is so awesome you could charge for it. I first got turned on to your podcasts by Richard Duncan. I hope you will find terrific continued success so that this keeps going.

Thank you again for your great interview with Jim Rogers. You have made my week. Macro Voices is the best.

Happy birthday, your show is brilliant.

Hi Erik. This e-mail probably comes a bit out of left-field (pun intended) since I don't exactly fall into your target audience. Nevertheless, I wanted to express how grateful I am for your show and how much I've learned in my four or five months listening. I'm a rank-and-file warehouse worker for a major logistics corporation in Florida, where I serve as a union shop steward. Politically, I'm a socialist to the left of Bernie Sanders, and while that would seem to put us worlds apart, I'm consistently impressed with your pretty in-depth analysis of the world economy, commodities and equities markets, and investments in general. Like the Right, the Left is full of oversimplifications that make great slogans but aren't terribly helpful in terms of analyzing concrete conditions. I started listening to your show during my graveyard shifts at work as part of my weekly podcast lineup, and it's quickly become my highlight of the week (on Friday, no less).

Mr. Townsend,
The accredited investor series is great. I'm writing to say that I admire the candor, courage and humility with which you describe your costly experience with the investment bank. Many would be unwilling to so openly share such an episode. Your honor and bravery provide a great service to the lay investor. Many Thanks!

I really enjoy what you are doing on Macro Voices. I followed you from the days when you were a regular on the Financial Sense Newshour. I like your very clear and humble way of presenting what your thoughts are on the oil and precious metals markets and missed you when you left Financial Sense Newshour.

But, now that I have caught up with you on your Macro Voices I have to say that I look forward to your podcast more and more each week and listen to your program first each week.

Keep up the excellent work!!!!!!

I just got a chance to listen to your Rick Rule interview. I have heard Rick Rule many times on other shorter interviews so I sort of put this one on the back burner. When I finally took the time to listen, I was happy I did so. You guys have managed to get more substantive information out of Rick in this interview than I have ever heard in any other interview. This interview was comprehensive and insightful and devoid of the usual precious metal market cheer leading. Excellent. All of your interviews are home runs! Your site is at the top of my list of market sites I visit every week. Keep up the great work.

Erik's podcasts are clear, concise, and to the point. His knowledge and understanding as well as his informed insights into the macroeconomic abyss is unparalleled.

I highly recommend listening and subscribing to this feed.

~Mike R. from New hampshire

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