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male silhouette.Remember when Kyle Bass appeared on MacroVoices and suggested that Erik should get Josh Crumb on the show to explain all the various dimensions of Abaxx Technologies and how the company plans to disrupt commodity trading by bringing the latest technologies to bear to create smarter commodity markets? The long-awaited interview is finally here. Abaxx founders Josh Crumb and Joe Raia lay out the whole story of what Abaxx intends to do, from a new commodity exchange in Singapore to embracing blockchain technology to redesign how futures markets work, to a new suite of self-sovereign identity tools for finance that could revolutionize the way the industry does business. 

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Erik Townsend welcomes Artem Milinchuck, Founder & CEO of FarmTogether and Scott Lynn, Founder & CEO of to MacroVoices. Erik, Artem and Scott discuss:

  • Democratizing Alternatives: What inspired the creation of and
  • Why these asset classes were previously reserved to the ultra-wealthy
  • Profile of the typical farmland and fine art investor
  • Outlook for fine art and farmland in a post-pandemic world
  • The impact of low interest rates on farmland and fine art investing


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Erik Townsend welcomes Artem Milinchuck to MacroVoices. Erik and Artem discuss:

  • The macro case for farmland: producing real returns in a low-yielding financial economy
  • Performance and correlation analysis: Comparing farmland to other asset classes
  • Risks and opportunities created by the COVID19 crisis
  • Fractional farm ownership – how FarmTogether is making an asset class formerly open only to the super-rich available to all accredited investors


Supporting Materials for Download

FarmTogether Website - Invest in US Farmland 

FarmTogether - Live Offerings 

Introduction to Farmland Investing 

Tech-Powered Farmland Investment Platform - Driving Investment into a Vital $10T Asset Class 

Contact Information:

Phone: 1-909-404-5902

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Erik Townsend Scott Lynn to MacroVoices. Erik and Scott discuss:

  • Fine Art as an asset class: Why some of the biggest names in finance are diversifying into Fine Art collections
  • Performance and correlation characteristics of Fine Art in Portfolio Construction
  • Why “Blue Chip” Fine Art (most famous and well-known artists) delivers the best investment returns
  • The Securitization Model: Fractional ownership of fine art masterpieces through securitized holding companies


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male silhouette.Erik Townsend welcomes Bob Coleman to MacroVoices Spotlight. Erik and Bob discuss:

  • Most vaulting services for precious metals are owned and operated by banks or precious metals dealers! Conflicts of interest abound
  • When investor Bob Coleman couldn’t find a private vaulting facility that met his standards of independence, he started his own
  • Allocated, Unallocated and Segregated Storage: Understanding what the bullion banks are selling and where the pitfalls are
  • Private vaulting facilities are not required to collect tax ID numbers (bullion banks are)
  • Insurance and force majeure risks in precious metals storage
  • Getting your metals OUT of the vault when you want them, and what can and has gone wrong with bullion banks


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Supporting Materials for Download

Idaho Armored Vaults slide deck 


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male silhouette.Erik Townsend  welcomes Niels Kaastrup-Larsen to MacroVoices Spotlight. Erik and Niels discuss:

  • Algorithmic trading: History, and who the players are including Statistical Arbitrage and HFT
  • The Trend Following strategy and its history
  • Richard Dennis’ “Turtles”
  • Benefits of de-correlation and conditional correlation
  • Performance of trend-following CTAs

We strongly recommend that you download the chart book that accompanies this interview, as Erik and Niels will refer to it throughout the interview.

Supporting Materials for Download

Niels Kaastrup-Larsen Slide Deck 

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