male silhouette.Remember when Kyle Bass appeared on MacroVoices and suggested that Erik should get Josh Crumb on the show to explain all the various dimensions of Abaxx Technologies and how the company plans to disrupt commodity trading by bringing the latest technologies to bear to create smarter commodity markets? The long-awaited interview is finally here. Abaxx founders Josh Crumb and Joe Raia lay out the whole story of what Abaxx intends to do, from a new commodity exchange in Singapore to embracing blockchain technology to redesign how futures markets work, to a new suite of self-sovereign identity tools for finance that could revolutionize the way the industry does business. 

Joe Raia

Chief Commercial Officer, Abaxx Exchange

A career long background in physical commodities markets including futures, Joe Rais is a Former Managing Director, Head of Global Commodity Futures Clearing at Goldman Sachs and Global Head of Energy and Metals Futures and Options and CME/NYMEX. At the NYMEX/CME Joe was responsible for developing and launching the Exchange's ClearPort platform. Joe was also responsible for developing the Exchange's global commodity expansion strategy including opening offices in Singapore, London, Houston and Calgary.  Prior to his tenure at Abaxx Exchange, he was the Managing Director and Global Head of Energy Markets, RJ O'Brien & Associates

He holds a Bachelor of Science from SUNY Maritime Academy, and a USCG Licensed Master. After graduating from the Maritime Academy Joe sailed in the US Merchant Marines for 9 years where he began his career in physical commodities.  

Josh Crumb

Founder & CEO, Abaxx Technologies

Josh Crumb is the Founder and CEO of Abaxx Technologies and Abaxx Exchange. Prior to Abaxx, he was a co-founder of Goldmoney Inc. and has served as its Chief Strategy Officer and Director since 2014, and its Chief Financial Officer since 2017.

He was previously an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs – the Senior Metals Strategist in the Global Economics, Commodities and Strategy Research Division in London; a co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Coffee Flour, and a Director of Corporate Development at the Lundin Group of Companies.

Josh holds a Master of Science in Mineral Economics, a Graduate Certificate in International Political Economy, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.