I hope that this message finds each of you well on this last day of both the year, and decade. Indeed, it's been quite a year.

I began listening to your podcast earlier this year and have learned an incredible amount as well as very much enjoyed the thought provocation that your podcast always seems to bring to the table. Indeed, it's rare to find such a well balanced, professional, enlightening, and robust podcast that seeks to peel back the many layers of global macro market phenomena in a way that is so independent from the largely useless 'noise' that is mainstream commentary today.

I am a fundamental energy market analyst (production) focusing on the North American natural gas market, specifically the Southeast and Texas. As such, I very much appreciate the no-nonsense/unbiased approach of your podcast and the depth and breadth with which it seeks to digest the numerous markets that are often discussed. I especially enjoy the energy segments of the podcast, as you might imagine.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment today and extend my thanks to you and your team for all that you do. Additionally, I find myself consistently recommending your podcast to my colleagues and others that I feel may both enjoy and benefit from its content. I'll continue to do this for as long this podcast remains! Again, many thanks and a Happy New Year.
Kind Regards, Jason L.