Good evening Erik,

I'll be as brief as I can because I know you're a busy guy, but I have loved listening to Macro Voices for the last year and a bit because you offer the best global macro news/insights I've come across. But a seed that was planted with your coverage on the covid crisis earlier this year finally sprouted during tonight's episode. It dawned on me while listening to your coverage on the US election that you are the absolute best source of unbiased long-form analytical news available in the world today. The intellectual dark web guys are better than the mainstream media, but if I'm being honest they tend to be biased in the direction that I agree with more. You sir are a true professional. I know you personally lean libertarian, but you don't taint your analysis with your personal views and I appreciate you so very much for it. I'll be summarizing this thank you letter in an iTunes review shortly ;)

Keep fighting the good fight!