Hello to everyone on the Macro Voices team. I'm a 23 year old who's pursuing a career as a macro investor and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to Erik, Patrick, and everyone else [that is] a part of Macro Voices. This podcast has done more to help me grow and develop my macro framework than I ever could have imagined. I've returned 215% so far in my first few months of trading my own account and I owe a large amount of that success to all of you. Since I finished my undergraduate studies this past May, due to my lack of relevant internship experience I have had a lot of trouble getting myself a job in the industry. I've worked incredibly hard to develop the skills I need to get there, but at times have second guessed myself because nobody would give me a chance. Without Macro Voices I never would have been able to come as far along as I have and it's a huge part of why I have been able to get the returns I have so far in my own trading. This has allowed me to build so much more confidence and prove to myself that I am more than capable of succeeding in this industry if I work hard enough. Now I just need to find someone to give me a chance. Thank you for everything that you guys do, it has had such a major impact on me being able to learn from you all. The day I can finally afford to I will be making a donation to the podcast and will continue to listen to the best podcast in the industry.