Erik & Patrick,

I am not sure I can fully comprehend how much I appreciate the work you both are doing. I have been a loyal listener and even have a set time blocked off on my calendar to listen to Macro Voices every week and it has propelled my career in the sales/trading world immensely. 

I am a 27 year old working in the bond industry, and trying to gain clients that are much older/experienced that I am. I had multiple teachers and other adults tell me I shouldn’t be in this field because I was a poor student, yet here I am. Your program has armed me with the confidence and knowledge to get beyond CNBC and the garbage they put out. 

I am not sure if there are any opportunities but I would love to help Macro Voices beyond a donation if there were ever a need. 

Again, I can’t thank you both enough and look forward to more great content. 

Regards, Derek N.