I didn't see a particular address for feedback so I'm using this. I want to thank you for all of your episodes but particularly for the July 19th episode. It was as excellent as always. The portion on managing tail risk was especially valuable to me. I listen to a number of Podcasts and read a number of newsletters to help me with my investing but no where have I fully understood how to manage tail risk. I listened to that portion at least a dozen times and today bought some put options to protect my retirement portfolios downside risk. I feel fantastic about it and was surprised at the little premium I paid for this just as described. I'm in the camp that the market will expand for a little longer here but I had move to 50% cash so I protected my other 50% with the puts. I don't even know what other things like managing tail risk that I could request you cover. Perhaps you know of other topics that would help individual investors like me. It's so obvious to you guys but not at all obvious to me. It makes complete sense. I am retired and actively manage my retirement funds so knowledge like this is invaluable. Thank you very much.