Dear Erik,

I am writing to you to thank you.

I have been a avid listener to your podcast since about a year. I am no expert, in fact in your word, the stuff that you cover on a daily basis is way above my pay grade. But it does give me a flavor, an indication, a direction in which things are headed. Thanks to you (and Mike Malony's podcasts) I have made some changes to my own investment by shifting heavily towards gold, which on hindsight has proven to be an excellent decision. I have even been branded as a contrarian and a mild conspiracy theorist in my work place, which I do take as a compliment. As my way of support, I purchased your book some months ago, and have realized that it is a brilliantly written, straightforward and to the point, like Macro voice. It is a bargain at any cost (even though I had a tough time getting it cleared through customs in my country)

So thank you.

But the main reason that I am writing to you is to commend you over your tireless coverage of the Corona virus situation. Thanks to you I was aware of what this virus was all about and how it has impacted China, South Korea and Italy, well before anyone was even talking of it. I was able to alert people in my work place about it who, whilst brushing it aside, were at least aware that a tsunami was headed their way. Most importantly I was able to prepare for it by stocking essentials and forced others (family, friends and my domestic helps) to prepare as well. Now things have escalated extremely rapidly, from just talking about it on the sidelines to a complete lockdown of a country of 1.3bn within just 2 weeks.

All I can say that, in no small measure, thanks to you, I am 'enjoying' a comparatively easy quarantine, as are my friends, family and my domestic staff.

So a big thank you from Mumbai, India.

I think you can take great satisfaction in the fact that your efforts are helping out people half the way across the world.

So thank you again and please keep up the great work.

I will pledge a donation (more of a gratitude) to your podcast but what I could afford (with the Dollar appreciating the way it has) could be pittance for you.

Kind regards, Sabya

PS - I find it unbelievable that the leadership of your country is so oblivious to the crisis that is developing and is hell bent to lead its citizens off a cliff. All they seem to care about is the financial economy and every thing else is a collateral damage. Kudos you you and many others (Notably Chris Martenson and Ben Hunt, amongst whom I follow) who have been drumming away to alert people of the impending crisis.

My prayers are with you. Please take care and be safe.