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The Death of the Dollar and the Rise of Digital Currency

Author: Erik Townsend

The cryptocurrency trend of the past few years has continued to grow despite widespread predictions that it would just be a flash in the pan. Blockchain is suddenly everyone’s favorite buzzword. But what if there’s more to this story than meets the eye? What if Digital Currency is about to change the world in ways beyond our imagination? And what if geopolitical forces our politicians don’t even understand have already inspired China and Russia to use Digital Currency to attack the U.S. Dollar’s dominance over the global financial system?

The Dollar has served as the world’s reserve currency since 1944, and the fringe benefits have allowed the U.S. Government to borrow and spend beyond its means and run massive trade deficits for decades. Now China and Russia suddenly have a new lever to use which could upset the global balance of power. Who would have guessed that technology breakthroughs conceived by the inventors of cryptocurrency would hand China and Russia just the weapon they needed to attack the Dollar’s rule over the global economy?

The invention of digital cash enables government-issued digital currency systems that could completely modernize the global monetary system. The potential benefits to society are so great that it’s hard to grasp their full magnitude. But a digital currency system introduced by China and Russia could upstage the Dollar and replace it as global reserve currency, causing devastating consequences for the U.S. economy. Which country wins the new digital currency Space Race could change the course of human history.

There’s plenty of evidence that China and Russia are already hard at work. The Chinese central bank is aggressively hiring Blockchain engineers, but has been suspiciously quiet about what they’re working on. Sergei Glaziev, economic advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin is giving keynote speeches to Blockchain conferences. The Chinese central bank filed more digital currency patents than anyone else in 2017. This book explains why China and Russia are suddenly so interested in Digital Currency technology, and more importantly, what they plan to do with it. Time is short for the U.S. Government to wake up and recognize the threat that now looms over the U.S. Dollar’s dominance at the center of the global financial system, and why Digital Currency technology is likely to be the challengers’ weapon of choice to defeat the Dollar.

About The Author:

Erik Townsend is uniquely qualified to sort this puzzle out and tell the entire fascinating story. In his first career, Townsend was a distributed systems architect – an expert in all the technologies used to create cryptocurrencies. In his second career, he was a hedge fund manager who studied reserve currency status extensively. Townsend first gives readers an introduction to both conventional money and digital currency, then gives a detailed introduction to relevant monetary history subjects, and finally ties it all together and explains how a state-sponsored digital currency system could steal the title of global reserve currency from the U.S. Dollar and change the balance of world power.

Jesse Felder's Interview with Erik Townsend on The Felder Report

jessefeldermacrovoicepicErik Townsend is unique in the investing world for his deep expertise in two seemingly disparate fields: security technology and macro investing. This rare perspective gives him extraordinary insight into the intersection of the two and how they are likely to affect global markets in the future. In his new book, Beyond Blockchain, Erik discusses these trends in great detail, covering the history of money, the rise of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the origin and evolution of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Moreover, he imagines a future world order, not dominated by cryptocurrency, but enabled by the technology underpinning it and advanced by powerful macro trends already at work in the markets and global politics today. In this episode, Erik discusses why cryptocurrency, backed by cypherpunks and their acolytes, is doomed to fail at its primary purpose yet digital currency, backed by sovereign nations and inspired by the innovations developed by the crypto community, is destined to succeed in its place while displacing the dollar’s global hegemony along with the massive implications of these developments for investors around the world. Below are several notes and links related to this episode.

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