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If you want to listen to MacroVoices on Apple products such as iPhone or iPad, it’s super easy to have MacroVoices delivered straight to your mobile device each week automatically. Just click the purple “Subscribe on iTunes” button to subscribe your Apple iTunes program on your computer to MacroVoices. Then when you sync your phone with your computer, you’ll receive MacroVoices automatically each week, and you can listen with the Podcasts app on your Apple device. You can even configure your phone to download the podcast directly from the cellular network without syncing with your computer, but only do this if you have a data plan for your device. Otherwise you could be charged for the download bandwidth by your cellular carrier every time you listen.

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Almost all popular mobile devices offer the feature to subscribe to a podcast and receive new episodes automatically. But the configuration instructions vary from one device manufacturer to another. They all share one thing in common: You will need something called an “RSS Feed” in order to configure your device. You can obtain our RSS Feed by clicking one of the Orange RSS Feed buttons to the right. Which one you choose depends upon your device and RSS feed reader. The Formatted RSS Feed works well with most browsers. The Raw RSS Feed works with many feed reader apps but may not work well with some browsers. Once you have the RSS Feed, you’ll need to follow your device manufacturer’s instructions for configuring it. The links below provide some tips for the most popular devices:

If you would like to learn more about RSS this article may help: Understanding RSS: A Quick Guide For The Insanely Busy Executive

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Finally, if you don’t use a mobile device and just want to listen on your computer each week, we’d be happy to send you our weekly Research Roundup email with a link that allows you to listen to the program along with links to chartbooks and other supporting materials provided by our guests as well as various other curated financial information. But obviously, we’ll need your e-mail address in order to do that. If you prefer this form of notification, skip the step with the two big buttons, and go straight to the REGISTER button. After you put in your contact details and click on Register you will begin receiving Research Roundup the week following your registration.