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default Teddy Vallee [Pervalle] - Market Musings 11.22.2016 (502 downloads) Popular
default Crescat Capital - Q4 2016 Quarterly Conference Call (386 downloads)
default Gavekal Capital - 4Q Interim Update, Post-Election Special Analysis (484 downloads)
pdf Lacy Hunt, Ph.D [Hoisington Investment Management] - Interim Update and Comment ( pdf, 64 KB ) (603 downloads) Popular
default Jim Chanos [Kynikos Associates] - Trump's Election Win and Stocks (755 downloads) Popular
pdf Morgan Creek Capital Management - 3Q2016 Market Outlook ( pdf, 733 KB ) (805 downloads) Popular
pdf Raoul Pal [Global Macro Investor] - U.S. Presidential Elections and Recessions, November 2016 (684 downloads) Popular
default David McWilliams [Sunday Business Post] - Will Trump Ride to Europe’s Rescue? (413 downloads)
default Jeff Snider [Alhambra Partners] - Paradox of the Predictably ‘Unexpected’ (489 downloads)
default Christoph Gisiger [Finanz und Wirtschaft] - Jim Bianco: The Markets Are Trading Schizophrenically (418 downloads)
default The Indian Express - What Jammed the ATM: Secrecy and No Plan B (554 downloads) Popular
default Axel Merk [Merk Investments] - Gold: What Happens Next? (605 downloads) Popular
default Marc Andreessen [Andreessen Horowitz] - Change, Constraints, and Curiosity (473 downloads)
pdf Bill Gross [Janus Funds] - Populism Takes a Wrong Turn (442 downloads)
pdf Jeff Gundlach [DoubleLine Capital] - Asset Allocation Webcast Slides, November 2016 ( pdf, 2.73 MB ) (547 downloads) Popular
pdf Howard Marks [Oaktree Capital] - Go Figure! (498 downloads)
default Ray Dalio [Bridgewater Associates] - Reflections on the Trump Presidency, One Week after the Election (600 downloads) Popular
default ClearMacro - UK Assets, Amber Alert! (414 downloads)
default Bill Gross [Janus Capital] - Trump, Fed, Bonds (669 downloads) Popular
default Carl Icahn [Icahn Industries] - I Don't Think Trump Will Be Bad for Economy (462 downloads)

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