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default Jeffrey Snider [Alhambra Partners] - Does The Flash Crash in Sterling Prove China’s Absence All Relating to the Precarious State of ‘Dollars’? (455 downloads)
default Jesse Felder [The Felder Report] - Never Say ‘Never’ When It Comes to the Financial Markets (459 downloads)
default Willem Middelkoop - Dutch Professor van Wolferen: US Addicted to Enemies for Worldwide Dominance (490 downloads)
pdf J.P. Morgan - 4Q 2016 Guide to the Markets ( pdf, 2.26 MB ) (481 downloads)
pdf Martin Fridson [Lehmann Livian Fridson Advisors] - Debt Defaults: A Growth Market ( pdf, 508 KB ) (329 downloads)
pdf Lacy Hunt [Hoisington] - Large Budget Deficits, High Levels of Government Debt - A Force for Lower Interest Rates ( pdf, 816 KB ) (519 downloads) Popular
pdf Steven Bregman [Horizon Kinetics] - Indexation: Capitalist Tool ( pdf, 1.83 MB ) (352 downloads)
pdf DoubleLine Funds - Let's Get Fiscal, Webcast Presentation Slides ( pdf, 1.54 MB ) (461 downloads)
default Knowledge@Wharton - Will the Crisis of Confidence at Deutsche Bank Spread? (475 downloads)
pdf PitchBook Fintech Analyst Report - Part 2 Bitcoin Blockchain ( pdf, 2.65 MB ) (977 downloads) Popular
default John Hussman [Hussman Funds] - Sizing Up the Bubble (508 downloads) Popular
default Jeffrey Snider [Alhambra Partners] - Some Possible, Theoretical Insight Into ‘Something’ (510 downloads) Popular
default Axel Merk [Merk Funds] - The End of Dollar Dominance? (436 downloads)
default Jesse Felder [The Felder Report] - Former Fed Senior Economist On Central Bank Independence and the Public’s Trust (461 downloads)
default Bloomberg - Hedge Fund Legend [Julian Robertson] Says the Industry Is Facing the Most Difficult Era Ever (538 downloads) Popular
default Art Berman - Low Oil Prices in a Failing Global Economy: Nowhere to Go For Tight Oil (478 downloads)
default Bill Gross [Janus Capital] - Doubling Down, October Investment Outlook (436 downloads)
default Crescat Capital - Name This Bubble, Q3 Investor Letter (428 downloads)
default Steve Blumenthal [CMG Wealth] - On My Radar: Morningstar ETF Conference – Best Ideas, Part II (477 downloads)
default David Jensen - Transition of Price Discovery in the Global Gold and Silver Market (382 downloads)

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