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Bassman/Cudmore/Snider: Market Correction Review

MacroVoices welcomes Harley Bassman, Mark Cudmore and Jeffrey Snider for a triple header episode asking if the market correction is over. The further discuss, bonds, commodities and the U.S. Dollar.

2018-04-19 MacroVoices

Darius Dale: Hedgeye turn BEARISH U.S. Growth

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Darius Dale to MacroVoices. Erik and Darius discuss the peak in the U.S. growth cycle, inflation and earnings. They further discuss the global divergence reiterated and the prognostications vs the reality of the markets.
They further discuss China’s massive credit expansion, the US dollar and the breakdown in currency and interest differentials.

2018-04-12 MacroVoices

Simon White: Equities are running out of road

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Simon White to MacroVoices. Erik and Simon discuss the equity markets and the post-crash dynamics. They look at the medium-term drivers of the U.S. dollar and ask if something has fundamentally changed in the U.S. treasury markets. They look that the yield curve, TED and LIBOR OIS spreads and conclude by looking at the outlook on the Canadian, Chinese and Japanese economies.

2018-04-05 MacroVoices

Julian Brigden: Stock collapse under own weight or Fed/yields do it for them

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Julian Brigden to MacroVoices. Erik and Julian discuss what is on the horizon for inflation and is there a risk of runaway inflation? They look at today’s market and what comes next for equities. They discuss if the market highs in already and if bonds and stocks sell off, where does the money go? They look at the US dollar, the correlation breakdown between the USD and US bonds and where to focus the bond short.

2018-03-29 MacroVoices

Jeff Snider: U.S. Treasury Yield Curve Deep Dive

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Jeffrey Snider to MacroVoices. Erik and Jeff discuss what the current yield curve is telling us? They touch on the changes from an era of fed funds rate targeting and reflect on the 2006-2009 period for interest rates and the reflation trends in the post “Great Financial Crisis”. Jeff continues to deconstruct rates, the negative term premiums and the markets inflation expectations. They conclude looking at central bank failure and why this flat curve is bad.

2018-03-22 MacroVoices

John Mauldin: No sign of imminent recession

Erik Townsend welcomes John Mauldin to MacroVoices. Erik starts by asking John if this is the end or just the beginning of this small market dislocation? They further discuss drivers behind the back up of interest rates and ask how far can the 10-year go before something breaks and what are the risks? They proceed to discuss inflation, China and some of the surprises from the SIC conference this year.

2018-03-15 Erik Townsend

Jim Grant: The great Bond BEAR Market has already begun!

Erik Townsend welcomes Jim Grant to MacroVoices. Erik and Jim discuss new Fed governor Powell, treasury yields and how far the FED go before something breaks. They discuss his outlook on inflation, gold, junk bonds, China and the drivers of long term debt cycles. They reflect on History and what happened when the FED did not bail out the banks in 1920 and considerations on what actions the US government can take to deal with the debt.

2018-03-08 MacroVoices

Jeffrey Snider: Since 2008 major turning points in Gold have been punctuated by Eurodollar anomalies

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Jeffrey Snider to MacroVoices. Erik and Jeffrey discuss gold swaps, how central banks engage in them and what has changed in gold swap markets today. They further investigate the gold bug’s conspiracy theory about “gold pukes” and what happened to gold in the 2008 crisis. They finally touch on how has the mood changed in gold starting 2017?

2018-03-01 MacroVoices

Rick Rule: Natural Resource Investing

Erik Townsend welcomes back Rick Rule from Sprott Global to MacroVoices. Erik and Rick discuss using a top down macro perspective on resource investing. The delve into rare earths, lithium uranium and nuclear energy. The discuss the future of liquid fluoride thorium reactors, copper, potash and investing in water as a commodity.

2018-02-22 MacroVoices

Eric Peters: Systemic Risks are Mounting

Erik Townsend welcomes Eric Peters to MacroVoices. Erik and Eric discuss if this is just a small equity market dislocation or is this bigger, the VIX complex and why the Inverse VIX products were flawed. They put context on the increasing rates, the movement of the dollar, stagflation and inflation risks. They further consider the impact of the changes of leadership at the FED and the policy tools they will be able to use during the next recession.

2018-02-15 MacroVoices

Jared Dillian: The week short vol imploded

Erik Townsend welcomes Jared Dillian to MacroVoices. Erik and Jared discuss the drivers of this stock market drop and ask if higher volatility here to stay? The further discuss if this is the beginning of a sustained unwinding of the short vol trade and where are the markets heading from here. They further discuss bonds, interest rates, the US dollar and gold.

2018-02-08 MacroVoices

Art Berman: Crude Oil Special Double Header

Erik Townsend welcomes Art Berman to MacroVoices. Erik and Art discuss the current oil markets, comparative inventories and OPECs influence on the price. They further put into context on OPEC production cuts and how much new oil is coming from higher prices. They look at the economics on the shale oil fields, perspectives on US oil exports and the general underinvestment in new exploration and development.

2018-02-01 MacroVoices

Chris Cole: Volatility and the Alchemy of Risk

Erik Townsend welcomes Chris Cole to MacroVoices. Erik and Chris discuss all things about underlying risks in the current low volatility market. They discuss share buybacks, the explicit vs implicit short vol positions and the impact of risk parity, VAR control, funds. The look at the potential impact of the unwind in the short VIX trade and why the scenarios echo the period prior to the 1987 market drop.

2018-01-25 MacroVoices

Mark Cudmore: Around the World of Macro

Erik Townsend welcomes Bloomberg’s Mark Cudmore to MacroVoices. Erik and Mark discuss the outlook for the US dollar, rate differentials and the impact of the Yuan oil contract. They further discuss bonds, inflation and stagnation. They move on to commodities, equities, China and Europe.

2018-01-18 MacroVoices

Josh Steiner: Global Housing Market Analysis

Erik Townsend welcomes Josh Steiner to MacroVoices. Erik and Josh discuss the macro drivers of the Canadian and Australian real estate markets. They look at Canada’s minsky moment, the new government policies and the impact on the Canadian banks. They move on to discuss the Australian one-cylinder economy, perspectives on the Australian construction boom and the high levels of home equity withdrawal. They further discuss the U.S. real estate markets and why there is still room to run.

2018-01-11 MacroVoices

Anatomy of the U.S. Dollar End Game Part 5 of 5

MacroVoices and Erik Townsend welcome Jeffrey Snider, Mark Yusko and Luke Gromen to the show. In Part 5 of the 5 Part Series, the panel discuss the possible sign posts for the big change and the potential triggers for a lower U.S. dollar. They ask if structural changes be implemented to change the course of the dollar and ask which investment assets will work the best?

2018-01-04 MacroVoices

Anatomy of the U.S. Dollar End Game Part 4 of 5

MacroVoices and Erik Townsend welcome Jeffrey Snider, Mark Yusko and Luke Gromen to the show. In Part 4 of the 5 Part Series, Mark Yusko and Luke Gromen debate the gold/oil ratio and gold as a reserve asset. They further discuss international attempts to bypass the U.S. Dollar and the U.S. Dollar shortage caused by the oil price. The finally debate the U.S. losing its status as a hegemonic power and the logistics in replacing the U.S. System.

2017-12-29 MacroVoices

Anatomy of the U.S. Dollar End Game Part 3 of 5

MacroVoices and Erik Townsend welcome Jeffrey Snider, Mark Yusko and Luke Gromen to the show. In Part 3 of the 5 Part Series, Mark Yusko and Luke Gromen discuss the cyclical patterns and technicals for the U.S. Dollar and ask if there is room for another rally. They discuss the gold and the oil for Yuan plan. They look at demographics, deflation, lower rates and the new multi-polar FX world.

2017-12-27 MacroVoices

Anatomy of the U.S. Dollar End Game Part 2 of 5

MacroVoices and Erik Townsend welcome Jeffrey Snider, Mark Yusko and Luke Gromen to the show. In Part 2 of the 5 Part Series, Jeffrey Snider explains the post 2007 U.S. Dollar shortage and how the dollar scarcity play out? They move on to discuss the problems facing China at the moment and perspective on the China gold buying. They ask if American politicians even know there is a problem?

2017-12-24 MacroVoices

Anatomy of the U.S. Dollar End Game Part 1 of 5

MacroVoices and Erik Townsend welcome Jeffrey Snider, Mark Yusko and Luke Gromen to the show. In Part 1 of the 5 Part Series, Jeffrey Snider presents perspectives on where we are today. Looks at how Russia and Brazil dealt with US dollar funding through derivatives and FX repo auctions. They further discuss China’s management of the U.S. dollar and the evolving Chinese response.

2017-12-23 MacroVoices

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