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Weekly market commentary by Hedge Fund Manager Erik Townsend and interviews with the brightest minds in the world of finance and macroeconomics. Made possible by funding from Fourth Turning Capital Management, LLC
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All-Stars #33 Prof. Steve Keen: How the field of Economics was corrupted

All-Star Prof.Steve Keen pulls no punches telling Erik Townsend how and why the field of economics lost touch with the real world.

2019-07-16 MacroVoices

All-Stars #32 Jeffrey Snider: Eurodollar System Explains Fed Funds over IOER

All-Star Jeff Snider explains why the Fed's IOER hasn't worked as a ceiling over Fed Funds, and the significance of each, including the recent move of FF well above IOER and how this relates to the EuroDollar System.

2019-07-15 MacroVoices

Inside the Investment Committee #2: Long bonds, short the Euro Gurevich/Brigden/Declercq

Fund manager Alex Gurevich is in the hot seat this month, pitching his “perfect trade” from 2014 long bonds and short the Euro. Alex explains why he believes this was truly a ‘perfect’ can’t lose trade, then we translate to current markets.

2019-07-12 MacroVoices

All-Stars #31 Julian Brigden: Crypto, Gold and the Dollar

All-Star Julian Brigden opines on the return of crypto currencies, gold, silver, and the U.S. Dollar.

2019-07-12 MacroVoices

MacroVoices #175 Jesse Felder: Breadth divergences signal caution warranted on new all-time highs

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Jesse Felder to MacroVoices. Erik and Jesse discuss the theories on the length of this market cycle, outlook on the dollar and bond yields, and the unwind of institutional risk parity trade and much more.

2019-07-11 MacroVoices

Energy Week #10: Inventory data or Tropical Storm? What’s driving the price rally? Alhajji/Shuchart/Berman

Energy Week episode #10: What’s driving the price rally? Tropical storm in the gulf or massive inventory draw? Also security in Straits of Hormuz and Art v. Anas on data interpretation.

2019-07-10 MacroVoices

All-Stars #30 Luke Gromen: Still bullish risk assets, Gold & BTC despite global Dollar squeeze

All-Star Luke Gromen tells Erik Townsend he understands and agrees with the “global dollar squeeze” argument, but it doesn’t deter him from being bullish Gold, Bitcoin, and risk assets generally.

2019-07-10 MacroVoices

All-Stars #29 Brent Johnson: Still not chasing Gold at these levels

All-Star Brent Johnson tells Erik Townsend he's not chasing gold at these prices, and his conviction that the USD is headed much higher has never been stronger. Brent also thinks SPX 4000 is possible in the next 2-3 years.

2019-07-09 MacroVoices

MacroVoices Video - Digital Currency Revolution: Outlook and Update

In this first of what we hope to be many more MacroVoices Videos, Erik Townsend provides an update on the Digital Currency Revolution. In this video Erik covers the following...

The Digital Currency Revolution will be as big of a deal as the PC or the Public Internet
Blockchain-based Cryptocurrencies will not play a major role in the digital currency revolution
New distributed ledger technology is already making Blockchain obsolete
Erik’s 2018 book predicted that Silicon Valley tech companies would recognize the opportunity to design and build digital currencies designed to eventually scale to replace the USD as global reserve currency
Facebook’s LIBRA announcement confirmed Erik’s prediction
Erik says putting Mark Zuckerberg in charge of how money works is a really, really BAD idea!
Roadmap for the Digital Currency Revolution which has already begun

2019-07-09 Erik Townsend

All-Stars #28 Louis-Vincent Gave: $13tn of Negative-Yielding Debt

All-star Louis-Vincent Gave tells Erik Townsend that $13.5tn of negative-yielding sovereign debt around the world is a sign the global economy is in serious trouble. U.S. Stocks may be at all-time highs, but the rest of the world is in decline.

2019-07-08 MacroVoices

All Stars #27 Dr.Pippa Malmgren: Don't underestimate the importance of data security

Today's All-Star Dr.Pippa Malmgren says why privacy will be the governance issue of our time. Link ->

2019-07-05 MacroVoices

MacroVoices #174 John Netto: Gold will hit $1500 this month

 Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome John Netto to MacroVoices. Erik and John discuss what’s driving this market, where is gold heading next and how to apply sentiment indicators to investing strategy. Link ->

2019-07-04 MacroVoices

All-Stars #26 Juliette Declercq: Should lawyers be in charge of Central Banks?

After Juliette Declercq stirred up some commotion with her tweet asking whether it makes sense for lawyers to be in charge of the 2 main central banks, we wanted the full story…

2019-07-04 MacroVoices

Energy Week #9: OPEC+, G20, And a Deep Dive on Forward Curves. Panel Hansen/Cook

This week's panel includes Ole Hansen and Chris Cook. Topics include G20, OPEC+, market reaction to both, and Chris takes a deep dive on forward curves.

2019-07-03 MacroVoices

All-Stars #25 Danielle DiMartino-Booth: The U.S. is not immune to the global economic slowdown

All-Star Danielle DiMartino Booth tells host Erik Townsend that the U.S. is anything but immune to the global economic recession that is now beginning. Also Fed vs. Trump and why it's important to have an independent Fed. Direct Link ->

2019-07-03 MacroVoices

All-Stars #24 Prof. Steve Keen: Credit MATTERS to Aggregate Demand!

All-Star Professor Steve Keen debunks mainstream economists failure to consider Credit as a determinant of aggregate demand

2019-07-02 MacroVoices

All-Stars #23 Jeff Snider: Rate cuts are coming!

All-Star Jeff Snider says interest rates are coming, but he thinks the actual reasons differ from market perceptions. Hear Jeff explain the clues interest rate swaps and offshore repo transactions provide.

2019-07-01 MacroVoices

All-Stars #22 Luke Gromen: We’re in the early innings of Dollar down, Gold & Bitcoin up

All-Star Luke Gromen says the long gold, long bitcoin, short U.S. Dollar trade is just getting started.

2019-06-28 MacroVoices

MacroVoices #173 Marin Katusa: Everyone’s focused on Gold, but the real buy is in Oil!

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Marin Katusa to MacroVoices. Erik and Marin discuss his outlook on uranium, perspective on shale oil over the next decade, and how to play the energy sector.

2019-06-27 MacroVoices

Energy Week #8: Massive inventory drawdown, PES Fire, OPEC+, G20. Panel Shuchart/Berman/Alhajji

This week's Energy Week features Art Berman, Anas Alhajji and Tracy Shuchart. Topics: Massive EIA inventory drawdowns, lower Brent+WTI open interest, PES Fire, OPEC+ G20 & More.

2019-06-26 MacroVoices

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