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Weekly market commentary by Hedge Fund Manager Erik Townsend and interviews with the brightest minds in the world of finance and macroeconomics. Made possible by funding from Fourth Turning Capital Management, LLC
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All-Stars #24 Prof. Steve Keen: Credit MATTERS to Aggregate Demand!

All-Star Professor Steve Keen debunks mainstream economists failure to consider Credit as a determinant of aggregate demand

2019-07-02 MacroVoices

All-Stars #23 Jeff Snider: Rate cuts are coming!

All-Star Jeff Snider says interest rates are coming, but he thinks the actual reasons differ from market perceptions. Hear Jeff explain the clues interest rate swaps and offshore repo transactions provide.

2019-07-01 MacroVoices

All-Stars #22 Luke Gromen: We’re in the early innings of Dollar down, Gold & Bitcoin up

All-Star Luke Gromen says the long gold, long bitcoin, short U.S. Dollar trade is just getting started.

2019-06-28 MacroVoices

MacroVoices #173 Marin Katusa: Everyone’s focused on Gold, but the real buy is in Oil!

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Marin Katusa to MacroVoices. Erik and Marin discuss his outlook on uranium, perspective on shale oil over the next decade, and how to play the energy sector.

2019-06-27 MacroVoices

Energy Week #8: Massive inventory drawdown, PES Fire, OPEC+, G20. Panel Shuchart/Berman/Alhajji

This week's Energy Week features Art Berman, Anas Alhajji and Tracy Shuchart. Topics: Massive EIA inventory drawdowns, lower Brent+WTI open interest, PES Fire, OPEC+ G20 & More.

2019-06-26 MacroVoices

All-Stars #21 Julian Brigden: Trump, Trade & the Middle East

All-star Julian Brigden opines on the China-U.S. trade negotiations, middle-east geopolitical tensions, and much more.

2019-06-25 MacroVoices

All-Stars #20 Louis-Vincent Gave: Hong Kong Protests & Chinese Yuan Outlook

Today's Macrovoices All-Star Louis-Vincent Gave weighs in on the protests which brought 25% of Hong Kongers to the streets and opines on the longer term outlook for the Chinese Yuan

2019-06-21 MacroVoices

MacroVoices #172 Greg Weldon: Translating Fed policy to Commodity Price Outlook

 Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Greg Weldon to MacroVoices. Erik and Greg discuss his outlook on the dollar, possible dollar breakout and its risks on gold and using commodity indicators as economic indicators.

2019-06-20 MacroVoices

Energy Week #7: Tanker attacks, OPEC+, G20, Fed Policy. McMonigle/Hemsworth/Alhajji

This week's ENERGY WEEK features Anas Alhajji, Joe McMonigle and Patricia Hemsworth. Gulf tanker attacks and their consequences, China Trade, G20, OPEC+ and much more.

2019-06-19 MacroVoices

All-Stars #19 Prof. Steve Keen: Risks to Sweden and Nordic Economies

Today's MacroVoices All-Star Prof.Steve Keen recaps his recent trip to Sweden for the Central Bank Digital Currency conference, and comments on Swedish and Nordic economic outlooks.

2019-06-18 MacroVoices

All-Stars #18 Juliette Declercq: When will the Fed cut rates?

Today's MacroVoices All-Star is JDI Research founder Juliette Declercq. Juliette weighs in on what we can expect from this week's FOMC statement, and the disparity between equity and fixed income markets discounting different growth expectations. Also Yuan deval risk. 

2019-06-17 MacroVoices

All-Stars #17 Danielle DiMartino Booth: The Fed is setting the stage for NIRP!

All-Star Danielle DiMartino Booth is on fire this week! Danielle says the Fed's language change at the Chicago conference can only mean one thing: They're getting markets ready for NIRP. Not ZIRP, but NIRP!

2019-06-14 MacroVoices

MacroVoices #171 Josh Steiner : Canadian and American Real Estate Markets are Polar Opposites

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Josh Steiner to MacroVoices. Erik and Josh discuss U.S. and Canadian real estate, swelling mortgage debt in Canada and deteriorating household finances and more.

2019-06-13 MacroVoices

Energy Week: Natural gas backwardation in mid-summer?

Energy Week panelists Art Berman, Chris Cook and Patricia Hemsworth weigh in on anomalies in natural gas forward curves and what they mean. Also an update on the market sell-off and where it's headed.

2019-06-12 MacroVoices

All-Star Brent Johnson: This past weekend’s developments don’t change Brent’s Dollar-bullish view

Today’s MacroVoices All-Star is Santiago Capital's Brent Johnson, who says this past weekend's ECB and US-Mexico developments do NOT change his dollar-bullish outlook.

2019-06-11 MacroVoices

All-Star Luke Gromen: The USD-centric system is slowly losing ground

All-Star Luke Gromen says oil isn't the only commodity China will begin pricing in its own currency for international settlement, further evidencing China's commitment to de-dollarization. Also an update on Luke's tactical views on the USD.

2019-06-10 MacroVoices

All-Star Jeffrey Snider: Yield curves and Eurodollar futures say something is very broken!

Today’s MacroVoices All-Star is Jeff Snider, who says the yield curve and Eurodollar futures spreads spell a clear message for markets! Be sure to download the associated chartbook.

2019-06-07 MacroVoices

Brent Johnson: A big dollar rally could drag stocks higher with it

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Brent Johnson to MacroVoices. Erik and Brent discuss Brent’s “Dollar Milkshake Theory”, short term and long term outlook on gold, and what impacts the dollar breakout will have on US and the global economy.

2019-06-06 MacroVoices

Energy Week: Sentiment sea change, Iran/Venezuela/Saudi Arabia & More. Panel Berman/Alhajji/Shuchart

This week's MacroVoices Energy Week features Art Berman, Anas Alhajji and Tracy Shuchart. Topics include the sentiment sea change and what's driving it, Iran, Saudi Arabia, & Venezuela, OPEC+ & much more.

2019-06-05 MacroVoices

Inside the Investment Committee: The 2016 big short in fixed income

The inaugural episode of MacroVoices INSIDE THE INVESTMENT COMMITTEE featuring Julian Brigden, Juliette Declercq and Alex Gurevich takes you inside the process professional fund managers and their advisers use to source and vet macro trading strategies.

2019-06-04 MacroVoices

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