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Weekly market commentary by Hedge Fund Manager Erik Townsend and interviews with the brightest minds in the world of finance and macroeconomics. Made possible by funding from Fourth Turning Capital Management, LLC
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Jonathan Tepper: The Sea of Excess Liquidity which fueled the rally will soon dry up!

Erik Townsend welcomes Jonathan Tepper to MacroVoices. Erik and Jonathan discuss the excess liquidity generated by central bank policy and the impact to equities, emerging markets and commodity prices. Jonathan gives further insights on inflation risks and the real end game and runaway inflation. They further discuss the 35-year secular bull market in sovereign bonds and the yield curve. With further comments on Australia, Brazil, China and Japan.

2017-03-16 MacroVoices

Art Berman: Outlook for Oil for 2017

Erik Townsend welcomes back Art Berman to MacroVoices. Erik and Art discuss the current catalyst for the decline in oil – the lack of confidence in OPEC. The discuss the record levels of oil inventories, the comparative inventories to past years, the world production surplus, the global liquids consumption growth, the OECD incremental liquids Inventory and the EIA U.S. crude oil forecast.

2017-03-09 MacroVoices

Grant Williams: The Rise of Populism, Trump Rally, Gold & More

MacroVoices welcome back Grant Williams to the show. Erik and Grant discuss the growing rise in populism, Trump’s effect on the markets, peak optimism. Grant shares his view on if there is crisis in China, the gold/copper ratio, stagflation, the likely trend of the U.S. dollar and the and asking if the 35-year bond bull market over?

2017-03-02 MacroVoices

Louis-Vincent Gave: Translating 2016 Events to 2017 Strategies

Erik Townsend welcomes Louis-Vincent Gave to MacroVoices. Erik and Louis discuss the China reflation trade and asking when Chinese growth will roll over? They further discuss Brexit and the future of the European Union, Philippines and Rodrigo Duterte and the rise of the Chinese empire. It is closed off with the investment themes and risks for 2017.

2017-02-21 MacroVoices

Jeffrey Snider: Understanding the Global U.S. Dollar Shortage

Erik Townsend welcomes back Jeffrey Snider to MacroVoices. Erik and Jeff discuss the Eurodollar money markets, why the world needs so many dollars, the U.S. Dollar and the Dollar funding gap. Jeffrey further debunks the reflation trade, discusses current interest rate trap and the failing global currency system.

2017-02-16 MacroVoices

Jim Rogers: Macro Outlook in the Trump Era

Erik Townsend welcomes back Jim Rogers to MacroVoices. Erik and Jim discuss what is in store for the U.S. Equity Markets, the U.S. Dollar, bonds and gold. Further in the discussion they tackle the history of government failures and his views on the global populist movements. They finish off the conversation discussing Jim’s views on the movement to a cashless society and answering if we are moving away from a free society?

2017-02-09 MacroVoices

Jack Schwager: Trading Futures

Erik Townsend welcomes Jack Schwager to MacroVoices. Erik and Jack discuss how has futures trading evolved over the last few decades. They discuss technical vs fundamental analysis and the most important rule in technical trading. The conclude with lessons from the Market Wizards books.

2017-02-02 MacroVoices

David Rosenberg: Opportunities and Outlook for 2017

Macro Voices interview with David Rosenberg from Gluskin Sheff. David discusses when is it time to become bearish on the markets, US Dollar Outlook, Canadian Dollar and Canadian Monetary Policy, Future of European Union and asking if the 35-year bond bull market over?

2017-01-26 MacroVoices

Raoul Pal: Inauguration Eve Macro Update

Erik Townsend interviews Raoul Pal on MacroVoices. The interview with Raoul starts with asking if Trump can reverse the trend of a strong dollar. They look at the bond markets and ask if the secular bull market is over. Later in the interview, Erik and Raoul discuss the overcrowded VIX contango trade, the big opportunities for 2017 and the short-term outlook for gold, oil and junk bonds.

2017-01-19 MacroVoices

Rick Rule: Deep dive into pre-revenue resource investing process & due diligence

Erik Townsend interviews Rick Rule from Sprott Global. The interview with Rick starts with the outlook for the precious metals markets in 2017. Erik then proceeds to discuss the due diligence in making private placements in the gold and silver mining companies. Hear Rick’s insights on evaluating intellectual and physical properties and the common characteristics of successful and failed properties. Rick further puts into perspective how much time and capital is needed to invest into early stage startups.

2017-01-12 MacroVoices

David Hay: The Trump Triumph Trade (TTT) is overdone!

Evergreek-Gavekal Chief Investment Officer David Hay joins Erik Townsend as this week’s feature interview guest. Topics include the equity market outlook under President Donald Trump, treasury yields, inflation, energy master limited partnerships, and much more.

2017-01-05 MacroVoices

Holiday Special RVTV Encore: Edward Misrahi

An interview which was originally published on June 2, 2016, between Raoul Pal of Real Vision and Edward Misrahi, Goldman Sachs alumni and founder of Eton Park.

2016-12-30 RVTV

Erik Townsend: Accredited Investor Academy, Part 4

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan introduce the Accredited Investor Academy Series, Part 4.

2016-12-29 MacroVoices

Holiday Special RVTV Encore: Paul J. Isaac

An interview which was originally published on August 2, 2016, between Grant Williams of Real Vision and Paul J. Isaac, CEO and Founder of Arbiter Partners Capital Management.

2016-12-24 RVTV

David Rose: Accredited Investor Academy, Part 3-A

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan introduce the Accredited Investor Academy Series, Part 3A. We’re taking this week off from our regular show format, so instead of a featured interview guest, we’re airing the third of a four-part series about learning to be a sophisticated private investor.

2016-12-23 MacroVoices

Erik Townsend: Accredited Investor Academy, Part 3

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan introduce the Accredited Investor Academy Series, Part 3.

2016-12-22 MacroVoices

RVTV Encore: Jawad Mian, Part 1

An interview which was originally published on April 29, 2016 between Grant Williams of Real Vision and Jawad Mian, Founder and Managing Editor of Stray Reflections, a global macro research and trading advisory with a focus on major investment themes and actionable trade ideas.

2016-12-18 RVTV

Julian Brigden: Inflation, U.S. Dollar, Peak Central Bank Omnipotence, Further PM Weakness, and More

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Julian Brigden to MacroVoices. Erik and Julian discuss waxing and waning of U.S. Dollar cycles driving global crises, potentially materially higher headline inflation and wage numbers in 2017, peak central bank omnipotence, potential for sub-$1,000 and sub-$14 gold and silver prices, impact of U.S. Dollar repatriation on Eurodollar funding, and much more.

2016-12-15 MacroVoices

Prof. Steve Keen: Macro Outlook Under Donald Trump, Inflation, TSY Yields, and More

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Professor Steve Keen to MacroVoices. Erik and Professor Keen discuss how Trump might be the most Keynesian President since Trump, prospects for a debt jubilee and subsequent credit boom, European Union disintegration making Lehman look like a picnic, last gasps of neoliberalism, and more.

2016-12-08 MacroVoices

Art Berman: OPEC Production Cut, Crude Oil Outlook

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Art Berman to MacroVoices. Erik and Art discuss OPEC's latest production cut agreement and what it means, false conception of cutting production to bring balance to an already-balanced market, how excess oil in storage will suppress prices for some time to come, weak demand growth similar to late-2014 won't support higher prices, OPEC not being as desperate as portrayed by the media, and much more.

2016-11-30 MacroVoices

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