MVEnergyWeek9This week’s panel: Chris Cook and Ole Hansen

  • Summary of G20 and OPEC+ meeting outcome & market reactions
  • This week’s EIA Inventory data
  •  By listener request: Chris Cook takes a deep dive on forward curves and who trades them

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Chris Cook

Chris has been involved in the legal design, development and regulation of markets, enterprises, organisations and financial instruments for 25 years, including six years as a director of the pre-eminent global energy exchange, where among other innovations he was responsible for the legal design of the UK natural gas 'Balancing Point' futures contract & market.

In 1998 Chris designed and developed the first shared market transaction confirmation system and database (OilClear) which remains the backbone of leading global energy exchanges.

Since 2011 he has been a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategy, Resilience & Security at University College London where he researches and develops institutions & instruments enabling Financial Technology (Fintech) markets in services . As a Director of Nordic Enterprise Trust, Chris is prototyping in communities the risk, cost, surplus, data & knowledge sharing agreements and funding instruments which together comprise Fintech as a market in services.

Ole Hansen

Ole Hansen joined Saxo Bank in 2008 and has been Head of Commodity Strategy since 2010. He focuses on delivering strategies and analyses of the global commodity markets defined by fundamentals, market sentiment and technical developments.

Hansen is the author of the Weekly Commodity Update, which sets out the moves in commodities, and also provides clients with commodity related trade views under the #SaxoStrats brand. He is a regular contributor to both broadcast and print media including CNBC, Bloomberg Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and the Telegraph.

Having worked 18 years in the City of London both on the sellside and for a multi-asset hedge fund, Hansen is experienced in the fields of trading and investment and is a respected strategist, who regularly travels the world to meet with Saxo Bank clients. Ole Hansen has a banking education from Danske Bank.