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This episode of Hot Topic features Tracy Shuchart. Erik and Tracy discuss:

  • The COVID19 Crisis: Recap on what Erik sees on the horizon (see also full podcast yesterday)
  • What COVID19 demand destruction means for energy markets
  • OPEC+ and Russia: What happened? Are they bluffing or is this really a price war?
  • What does it all mean for U.S. Shale, and is a shale industry bail-out politically tenable in an election year?







Tracy started her career at the Chicago Board of Trades as a futures broker specializing in options and managed futures over 12 years ago. Soon after she moved to the trade floor where she managed an institutional trade desk, working with some of the top Investment Banks (Goldman, JPM, Soc Gen), Hedge Funds (SAC, D.E.SHAW), as well as energy OTC markets via CME Clearport.

Tracy is a graduate from University of Southern California with degrees in Political Science and International Relations with an emphasis on Middle East.

She now is an independent trader specializing in the energy markets.

You can follow Tracy on twitter: @chigrl