We ask whether you are an Accredited Investor for two reasons. First, we want to be able to bring you the very smartest people in the business as interview guests. Many of the best and brightest are hedge fund managers who have little incentive to grant an interview for a retail investor audience that is not qualified to be a customer for their products and services. Our hope is that when we are able to truthfully say “Our audience includes X% Accredited Investors”, that will entice more high-profile fund managers to accept our interview invitations, because we’re effectively telling them that our audience includes people who are qualified to be customers for their products and services. The second reason is that we are planning some future Macro Voices content that will only be suitable for accredited investors, and we need to know who to send that information to.

We promise never to sell your personal information to anyone. We collect this information solely to help us attract high-profile interview guests and to know whether or not to send you our own content that is only suitable for accredited investors. Thanks for providing this information; it really helps us out.