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An Interview with Legendary Investor Jim Rogers

Erik Townsend welcomes legendary investor Jim Rogers as MacroVoices’ first feature interview. Erik and Jim discuss China, falling currencies around the world, the coming market turmoil and its tactical bullish implications for the U.S. dollar, even in the face of longer-term bearish forces that will also affect the dollar, U.S. monetary policy and the failure of Quantitative Easing, weakness in the banking sector despite massive injections of liquidity, the 35-year bond bull market and its eventual end, current trouble in high-yield credit (junk bonds), whether the recent breakout in gold prices is sustainable or a parabolic surge that could lead to a blow-off top, U.S. debt levels, implications of the upcoming U.S. Presidential election on markets, sovereign debt crises, de-dollarization, and much more.

2016-02-11 Erik Townsend

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