Erik: Fantastic Dave, I really appreciate it, before we close though, I want to touch on your newsletter which is one of my favourite in the industry. Breakfast with Dave, of course there’s a free version of that which is kind of a teaser, with a lot of really interesting bullet points every day, but the full on version is excellent, we have obtained a sample copy of Breakfast with Dave, I think we actually got a couple of days’ worth of the daily Breakfast with Dave as well as an interview that you did with Peter Man, the CIO at Gluskin Sheff, talking about your outlook for 2017 so thank very much, all of our registered users will receive that in your research roundup email that came out with this podcast. For people who are interested in the newsletter, can you tell us a little bit more about Breakfast with Dave and what the parameters are?

Dave: Well I’ve been doing the newsletter under different titles since I was at the Bank of Montreal back in the late 1990’s and it’s really a distillation of my views, of the market, the economy, it’s got a little bit of humour, sometimes a little bit of a sardonic sarcasm, but it’s basically to aim at highlighting to investors what’s going on around the world and what they should be paying attention to, so there’s a lot of stuff that’s long-term in nature in there that doesn’t change, and there’s a lot of stuff that wiggles around the long-term trendline that I try and highlight as well, the short-term stuff. So, it’s a mix of the political and economic and finance, written in a way that investors can understand, and again, it’s all about what I always try to do for the client base, which is to take the economics, connect the dots and come up with a coherent investment strategy out of it and that’s really what I attempt to do for every single day.

Erik: Well it’s definitely one of my favourite daily newsletters, it’s one of the really few that really is every day and there’s substantive content, I don’t know what time you wake up in the morning to start writing Breakfast with Dave but it’s quite amazing that you put out so much content every day. Finally, before we close, Gluskin Sheff Wealth Management also may be of interest, give us just a very quick overview what you guys do there at Gluskin Sheff.

Erik: Well we are Canada’s preeminent wealth manager, we manage money for high income, high net worth Canadians and not just Canadians but Americans. We have roughly 10% of our client based in the US, of course a lot of Americans wants to get some foothold into the 51st state and buy the Canadian dollar while it still at the low end of its historical range. But we manage across the asset classes, across fix income, credit hedge funds in particular and Canadian, US and global equities, of course our US clients really wants us to be the leaders for having their Canadian mandate, that is our backyard, but we invest globally and we invest across the asset classes. We have 9 billion dollars in assets and we’ve been around since 1984. So please come to the website and look us up.

Erik: Alright, well thank you so much Dave for a fantastic interview, in the interest of time we do need to leave it there but Patrick Ceresna and I will be back as Macro Voices continues right here at

[End of interview]