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This episode of Hot Topic features...

  • The macro argument for gold: Jeff and Erik agree on a super-bullish outlook
  • Understanding the physical gold market and the people in it: No license required!
  • Jeff debunks some of the popular myths and misconceptions about how the physical gold market functions
  • Jeff’s advice on how to ignore the conspiracy theories and design a diversified portfolio of both physical and paper precious metals exposure

Supporting Materials for Download

MacroVoices Spotlight #2 Bob Coleman: Private Vaulting of Precious Metals = Independence from the Financial System







Mr. Christian is Managing Partner and founder of CPM Group, one of the most respected precious metals and commodities research companies in the world. He founded CPM Group in 1986 when he bought the Commodities Research Group he managed from J. Aron and Goldman Sachs. He is one of the foremost authorities worldwide on the markets for gold, silver, and the platinum group metals, and is well known for his application of economic and econometrics across commodities markets. He also is well known for his financial engineering work using commodities derivatives both for hedging and investment purposes. He has worked with governments, the United Nations, World Bank, International Finance Corporation, International Monetary Fund, and many of the world’s largest and most prominent mining companies, industrial companies, investment banks, and institutional investors.