David Hay

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome David Hay to MacroVoices. Erik and David discuss:

  • Inflation and Greenflation 
  • Outlook on equities
  • Paul Tudor Jones’ “Range Expansion” 
  • Breakouts and Breakdowns
  • Cryptocurrencies & Gold
  • Investment strategies in current environment
  • Wage inflation and employment shortages


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David Hay has worked in the securities industry since 1979 when he joined Dean Witter Reynolds (now Morgan Stanley). He rose to the position of Senior Vice President just four years later and served as the youngest member of Dean Witter’s elite Chairman’s Council in 1985.  Five years later, David and his team joined Smith Barney where they were instrumental in establishing the Portfolio Advisory Program. During his 12 years fulfilling the positions of Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Director, David also served on the Smith Barney Directors Advisory Group where he worked closely with Jamie Dimon. David left Smith Barney in 2002 to acquire a majority interest in what is now Evergreen Gavekal. He continues to serve his long-time clients, but his main focus is the role of Chief Strategist for Evergreen's portfolio management team. David's interest lies primarily in macroeconomic research, on which he works collaboratively with Evergreen's partners, including Louis Gave, co-founder of Gavekal Research.