Ole Hansen

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Ole Hansen to MacroVoices. Erik and Ole discuss:

  • Price of energy & green investing focus
  • Post pandemic demand increase & supply chain disruptions
  • Inflation hedge in current environment
  • Outlook on oil and energy
  • Precious metals, uranium and nuclear power
  • Impacts of weather on supply for agriculture production

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Ole Hansen joined Saxo Bank in 2008 and has been Head of Commodity Strategy since 2010. He focuses on delivering strategies and analyses of the global commodity markets defined by fundamentals, market sentiment and technical developments.

Hansen is the author of the Weekly Commodity Update, which sets out the moves in commodities, and also provides clients with commodity-related trade views under the #SaxoStrats brand. He is a regular contributor to both broadcast and print media including CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and the Telegraph.