Josh Crumb

Erik Townsend and guest host Kevin Muir welcome Josh Crumb to MacroVoices. Erik and Josh discuss:

  • Today’s finance industry and where it’s headed
  • Tokenized digital assets and DeFi revolution
  • Replacing US dollar as global reserve currency with digital currency
  • How secured digital bearer assets will transform the finance industry
  • What is self-sovereign identity and why it matters


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Josh Crumb is the Founder and CEO of Abaxx Technologies, which has applied for licenses to serve new global energy and metals markets with exchange execution and clearing for physical commodity trading. Josh was previously a macroeconomist at Goldman Sachs, head of global metals strategy in London, and previously founded Toronto Stock Exchange-listed gold bullion dealer Goldmoney Inc. (TSX:XAU), and precious metal jewelry company Mene Inc (TSXV:MENE). Josh holds graduate degrees and certificates in Economics and Quantitative Finance, International Political Economy, and a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.