Justin Huhn

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Justin Huhn to MacroVoices. Erik and Justin discuss:

  • Overall investment argument for nuclear energy
  • Bifurcation of nuclear energy market
  • Available options for investing in nuclear
  • Strategy for investing in miners
  • Invest in the fuel or in the technology?
  • Understanding the nuclear fuel cycle and how to invest in it
  • Investing in conversion and enrichment


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Justin Huhn is a publisher and the founder of Uranium Insider Pro – the leading authority in Uranium market news and analysis of uranium sector equities. As a professional investor with a deep technical knowledge, he launched his newsletter ‘Uranium Insider Pro’ in August 2019 to help others identify the best publicly traded companies in the space and clearly define the new market opportunities within the energy sector. As a recognized authority in the space, Justin’s commentary is frequently sought out by media outlets. He has previously been featured on Crux Investor, Smith Weekly, KITCO, Palisades Radio, Mining Stock Education, and Mining Stock Daily. He also contributed a lengthy piece in the most recent RealVision Global Macro Investor annual report. Justin is passionate about enlightening investors about the present opportunities and value offered by exposure to uranium/uranium equities within the energy sector and seeks to inform investors about those situations that offer the best risk:reward profile.