Larry McDonald

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Larry McDonald to MacroVoices. Erik and Larry discuss:

  • Debt ceiling and monetary policy
  • Implications of impending yield curve control
  • Could the US default?
  • Fed – how much interest expense can they afford?
  • “Greenspan crowding out”
  • What’s next for oil and gas
  • De-dollarization

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Lawrence McDonald is a New York Times bestselling author, CNBC contributor, and Political Risk Expert. He is also the creator of The Bear Traps Report, a weekly independent investment letter focusing on global political and systemic risk with actionable trade ideas.

Larry McDonald as a Keynote Speaker provides rare insight into topics such as:

  • Global Systemic Risk

  • Global Economic Outlook

  • China: The Epicenter of Risk and Unimaginable Debt

  • The Rise and Fall of Emerging Market Economies

  • Investment Risk Management

  • Market Moving Policy Actions from Washington D.C.

  • Quantitative Easing, Federal Reserve Policy, and their side-effects

    Thought-provoking Larry McDonald presents his captivating views on the US Financial Crisis, European Sovereign Debt, and China’s Economic Meltdown - spiced with actionable risk indicators, risk management lessons, and sprinkled with humor. In late 2006, as Vice President at Lehman Brothers, he led his team into betting against the subprime mortgage market, profiting the firm over $2 billion before its demise. In 2009, he wrote the international bestseller A Colossal Failure of Common Sense, The Inside Story of The Collapse of Lehman Brothers - translated into 12 languages, selling over 400,000 copies.

    Larry McDonald’s proprietary risk indicators and risk management lessons are designed for Family Offices, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Hedge-Funds, and any investment group working to avoid the dangerous pitfalls in the post-Lehman financial markets.

    McDonald was featured in the Academy Award winning documentary, Inside Job, and National Geographic’s award winning documentary, The 2000’s. He is a regular contributor on Bloomberg TV and Radio, Forbes, CNBC and Fox Business.