2014 02 13 Axel headshotErik Townsend welcomes Axel Merk to MacroVoices. Erik and Axel discuss:

  • The ECB, Fed, and BOJ statements and how policies are shifting
  • The upward trajectory of the Euro following a confusing ECB statement
  • The key differences between central banking in the US, and the Eurozone
  • TLTRO2: "a funding for lending scheme" - how does it work, what does it mean?
  • A potential bottoming in European interest rates
  • Will a Fed rate hike mean a stronger dollar, or have markets already priced this in?
  • The Fed members, structure, focus and process
  • Coming headwinds for asset prices as the Fed unwinds an unprecedented easing cycle
  • The counterproductivity of negative interest rates and extraordinary central bank policy
  • The Dollar rally - how did we get here and is the rally over?
  • Gold and other "safe havens" - where can investors hide in this challenging environment?


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Axel Merk is President & CIO of Merk Investments, Manager of the Merk Funds. An authority on currencies, Axel is a recognized expert on the global economy, monetary policy and international investing.  He is a pioneer in using strategic currency investing, including gold, to seek diversification and portable alpha.  Merk, dubbed the "Currency Guru" by Morningstar, is a regular guest on CNBC, FoxBusiness and Bloomberg; his unique expertise and insights are sought after by think tanks, investor groups and financial media around the world.