JSchwager Photo Barcelona FINALErik Townsend welcomes Jack Schwager to MacroVoices. Erik and Jack discuss:

  • The history of the Market Wizards project
  • The importance of finding your "own process" in achieving success in trading
  • Discipline, risk management, organization, perseverance 
  • The range of possible successful approaches an investor or trader can take
  • Early failure not necessarily being predicitive of future success/failure, learning from mistakes
  • Mr. Schwager's own experience interviewing traders who have been widely influenced by his early books
  • The genesis and mission of FundSeeder.com
  • Finding new ways of linking capital with talented traders and changing the business of capital introduction
  • The technologies that could ultimately provide disruptions in the capital allocation space
  • Assisting an amateur trader in making the leap to full-time professional, and more...


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Jack Schwager is the Chief Research Officer of FundSeeder. Jack is best known for his Market Wizards book series, and is frequently cited as a favorite author by the trading community. He is credited by many as being instrumental in the launch of their trading careers. Jack is an established expert on futures and hedge funds, previously having spent the better part of 22 years as a director of futures research at some of Wall Street’s leading firms as well as 10 years as a partner in a hedge fund advisory firm. He also authored the extremely comprehensive and highly regarded Schwager on Futures series. Altogether, his books have sold nearly two million copies worldwide.