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richard dicksonErik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Richard Dickson to MacroVoices. Erik and Richard discuss:

  • Lowry Research’s approach of looking at markets through buying power and selling pressure
  • The divergence in price action versus buying power and selling pressure indices
  • What the divergence means in terms of market accumulation or distribution
  • Dynamic of foreign capital flight in an environment of zero interest rates
  • Similarity between new market entrants in 1999 and present day
  • The poor balance of supply and demand in the FTSE 100 post-Brexit
  • The increase in the balance of selling in Italian equities, where 65% of stocks are trading on intermediate down-trends
  • Buying power topping and selling pressure accelerating in Italy and Spain prior to Brexit
  • How even a perceived economic stalwart like Germany is susceptible to weakening market conditions
  • Lagging European sectors relative to the rest of the world
  • Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Australian supply and demand dynamics
  • How much further U.S. indices have to advance before reaching a level that generates profit-taking


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Richard A. Dickson, Sr. Market Strategist for Lowry Research, has been a technical market analyst for 30+ years.  He has served as Treasurer, Education Chair and Long Range Planning Chair on the Board of Directors of the Market Technicians Association (MTA).  He has lectured on Technical Analysis at the University of Virginia and was an adjunct professor at the University of Richmond where he taught the first fully-accredited course in Technical Analysis at the university level in the U.S.A.  He is also co-author of the book “Mastering Market Timing: Using the Works of L.M. Lowry and R.D. Wyckoff to Identify Key Market Turning Points.”

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