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Erik Townsend is a retired software entrepreneur turned hedge fund manager. Throughout his career, Erik has capitalized on his ability to understand complex systems and anticipate paradigm shifts far in advance of the mainstream. Read More...

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Eric HunsaderErik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Eric Hunsader to MacroVoices. Erik and Eric discuss:

  • Regulation National Market System (NMS), securities information processors (SIPs), high-frequency trading (HFT), and latency arbitrage
  • Eric's incredible story of exposing the NYSE's selling of higher-speed data feeds to high-frequency traders
  • "Quote-stuffing" and how it provides an unfair advantage through compromising quote systems
  • Manual traders "spoofing" as a means of tricking algorithmic systems
  • The fallacy of HFT providing greater liquidity in the market
  • The legal immunity of U.S. exchanges as Self-Regulatory Organizations (SRO)
  • How retail investor orders are executed and taken advantage of by internalizers
  • Micro-timestamp resolution as a means for transparency
  • How IEX prevents latency arbitrage through "speed-bumping" by 1/1000th of a blink of an eye
  • The potential of combining power and integrity in a market devoid of transparency
  • Nanex's differentiated market data offering

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Eric Scott Hunsader is the founder of Nanex LLC and has over 25 years of hands-on experience developing successful real-time trading software including high performance trading applications and compression techniques. He has produced many successful commercial applications which are still in use today. 

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