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Charles0002 X3Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Charles Biderman to MacroVoices. Erik and Charles discuss:

  • Big picture and current market contexts beginning from Post-WW2
  • Dynamics between developed and emerging market currencies
  • Flight capital impact on U.S. markets
  • Predictions for U.S. Treasury yields
  • Possible catalysts to bring-on the endgame and portfolio allocations
  • Backstory related to sub-advisor relationship with and termination from AdvisorShares
  • TrimTabs' proprietary Float Shrink strategy and outperformance


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Charles Biderman is the CEO and Founder of TrimTabs Asset Management. Mr. Biderman began his career as Alan Abelson's assistant at Barron's, and founded TrimTabs in 1990.

TrimTabs developed into the only independent research firm providing detailed daily coverage of U.S. stock market liquidity. The premise behind TrimTabs' approach is that stock prices are a function of supply and demand of shares of stock and money rather than fundamental value. Drawing on TrimTabs’ decades of research experience, Mr. Biderman’s firm launched its first exchange-traded fund, the TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (TTFS) in 2011. The Fund uses a proprietary algorithm to identify stocks with liquidity and fundamental characteristics that historically associated with superior long-term performance.

Mr. Biderman is a regular on CNBC's Santelli Exchange, as well as on Bloomberg TV. He has often been quoted in Barron’s the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Investor’s Business Daily. In 2005, he authored TrimTabs Investing: Using Liquidity Theory to Beat the Stock Market, an in-depth explication of his hard-won investment philosophy. Mr. Biderman holds a BA from Brooklyn college and earned his Masters in Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

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