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Simon HuntErik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Simon Hunt to MacroVoices. Erik and Simon discuss:

  • Internal political wars within China stagnating economic growth
  • China's steady, step-wise approach to allowing firm bankruptcies
  • Shift in global monetary policy power from Washington to Beijing
  • Internal IMF battle for RMB's inclusion in SDR
  • Looming inflation in commodity prices
  • Logic behind China's stockpiling of raw commodities and base metals
  • Strengthening strategic alliance between Russia and China
  • Trump vs. Clinton impacts on financial markets
  • Growing global discontent to USD "bully boy" tactics and de-dollarization
  • Impending global stock market crash and economic reset within the next 5 years
  • Gold's eventual reemergence as the global monetary base



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Simon Hunt has spent his working life engaged in commodities primarily with metals after being educated in the UK and Belgium.

He has consulted to global banks, financial institutions, mining companies, fabricators, traders and merchants. He works closely with a global network of well placed independent economic thinkers.

He understands fully the consequences of America’s global hegemony and why Russia, China and other BRICS and SCO members have become so frustrated by America’s tactics, which includes Ukraine, to maintain global domination. He focuses on these geopolitical changes because they will dominate the changes in the direction of the global economy.

He uses a multitude of tools to forecast future price trends. These include fundamental economic analyses, with a central focus on debt and demographics, long-term economic and financial cycles and technical analyses backed up by visits to industrial friends.

His conclusions are often controversial but have mostly been accurate.

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