Robin GriffithsErik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Robin Griffiths to MacroVoices. Erik and Robin discuss:

  • Technical and cyclical frameworks for evaluating financial markets
  • Hierarchy of cycles from seasonal variation to generational
  • Central bank intervention and impact across various cycles
  • Potential panicked selloff for the trade-weighted U.S. dollar
  • Outlook for global equities and central bank-induced flash crashes
  • Treasury outlook and relationship with longer-term cycles
  • Developed markets on-going secular decline despite record equity market
  • Emerging market equity outlook, in particular China and India
  • Gold's resistance at $1,400 and ability to shoot back to all-time highs
  • Technological and demogrpahic tailwinds for developed markets
  • Trump vs. Clinton impacts on markets


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Robin Griffiths is Head of Multi-Asset Research & Advisory at the ECU Group. He was previously Chief Technical Strategist at HSBC Investment Bank for 20 years, before becoming Head of Global Asset Allocation at Rathbones, and then a director and technical strategist for Cazenove Capital Management. Robin was a Partner of WI Carr and Head of Technical Analysis at Grieveson Grant. Robin is a committee member and former chairman of the International Federation of Technical Analysts, and former chairman, now fellow, of the British Society of Technical Analysts. Robin has been a member of ECU’s Global Macro Team for over 20 years.