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Willem MiddelkoopErik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Willem Middelkoop to MacroVoices. Erik and Willem discuss:

  • Willem's recent book The Big Reset and the coming monetary reset
  • The role the IMF's SDR will play in the next monetary reset
  • China's strategic objectives and pushing for the use of SDRs as the global reserve currency
  • Outlook for the U.S. dollar's reserve currency status in a Big Reset scenario
  • Outlook for the coming secular commodity reflation cycle
  • Willem's call to buy precious metals and miners in January 2016
  • Gold outlook in the current macroeconomc and geopolitical environment
  • Long-run dynamics of monetary history, demographics, and revolution
  • Whether Western democracy is still viable
  • Alternative forms of government given China's 5000-year history as a civilization
  • Trump vs. Clinton Presidencies and potential market impacts



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Willem Middelkoop (Geneva, 1962) is a successful investor, entrepreneur and publicist. At the end of 2008, he gave up his journalistic work as a market commentator for Dutch National TV and started the Commodity Discovery Fund (www.cdfund.com). He also started Amsterdamgold.com in that same year, a web shop for gold and silver bullion, which was sold to the listed Value8 in 2011, after yearly sales grew to over 100 million euro. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the London based Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) and a founding shareholder of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, a business accelerator program, which started in 2011. Willem is author of several books covering the economy and the history of financial markets with have been translated in nine languages. In 2013 he published The Big Reset, his first book in English, which has become a worldwide bestseller. Willem lives with his wife and two sons (11 and 14) in The Netherlands.

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