Mark Grant Erik Townsend welcomes Mark Grant to MacroVoices. Erik and Mark discuss:

  • Outlook for the US Dollar and Euro
  • Where are the US equity markets going?
  • Impact of Global CB policy vs the FED
  • Is the 35-year bond bull market over?
  • Impact of the hurricanes on the economy
  • Outlook for Gold and Silver
  • Considerations on European geopolitics
  • Perspectives on China’s credit bubble
  • Underfunded pension crisis
  • Escalation of North Korea tensions

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Mark J. Grant

Chief Strategist and Managing Director

Areas of Focus

  • The domestic and global economies and the events that impact those economies and their markets.
  • Economic and market strategist


  • Joined HilltopSecurities in 2002
  • Has more than 40 years of Capital Markets/Public Finance experience
  • Writes a macro -economic commentary, "Out of the Box," which is distributed, each day, to more than 5,000 large financial institutions in forty-eight countries. It is also published daily in London and in Paris
  • Author of several books including "Out of the Box and onto Wall Street"
  • Recently named as one of Bloomberg's "Prophets", offering insights on markets, the economy and monetary policy
  • Is widely quoted in Barrons, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Bloomberg, et al, and has been a frequent guest, for the last twenty years, on CNBC. He is also on the Canadian Broadcast Company and the Chinese Public Broadcast Company networks regularly.
  • Prior experience includes: head of Capital Markets and served on the Board of Directors of four different investment banks; serving as President of one of those investment banks; President and Board member of a public telecommunications company; serves on the Board of Directors of a number of private companies