Eric Peters HeadshotErik Townsend welcomes Eric Peters to MacroVoices. Erik and Eric discuss:

  • Is this just a small equity market dislocation or is this bigger?
  • Is this all about rates or the VIX complex?
  • Why were the Inverse VIX products flawed
  • Context on the increasing rates and the movement of the dollar
  • Stagflation and inflation risks
  • Considerations on corporate debt and buybacks
  • Impact of the changes of leadership at the FED
  • Context on FED policy tools during the next recession
  • Is this a Bear Stearns moment for the markets?


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Eric Peters is the Founder, CEO, and CIO of One River Asset Management. Eric oversees the Firm's business development and strategic initiatives and serves as Chairman of the Investment Committee. Prior to founding what is now One River in 2013, Eric served as Chairman of Grant Capital Partners, a $1.25 billion discretionary global macro hedge fund. In that role, Eric was a senior member of the Investment Committee focused on thematic investment opportunities and was responsible for all non-investment activities including the direct oversight of the Chief Risk Officer. Over the course of his career, Eric has held various positions that include portfolio manager for Peloton Partners, proprietary trader for both Lehman Brothers and Credit Suisse, and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a TH Lee Putnam funded technology firm.

Eric holds a B.A. in Business Economics from Brown University and is author of a private weekly investment newsletter - Weekend Notes - which is read globally by investment professionals who directly deploy over $800 billion in alternative assets.