RussellNapierMacroVoicesErik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Russell Napier to MacroVoices. Erik and Russell discuss:

  • Deflationary risks in the U.S. 
  • Context on current higher inflation prints
  • How high are risks of a credit event
  • Contagion risk if China “sneezes”
  • Consideration on the impact of higher rates
  • Do we still need a world reserve currency?
  • Is there a concern of the US government not being able to fund itself?
  • Impact of the global de-dollarization trend
  • What is in store for the gold markets?
  • What do investors need to consider in the current environment?
  • What comes next for the equity markets?
  • Impact on emerging market and junk bond markets
  • The falling Yen and its impact on Japan


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Professor Russell Napier is author of The Solid Ground investment report and co-founder of the investment research portal ERIC- . Russell has worked in the investment business for twenty-six years and has been writing global macro strategy for institutional investors since 1995. Russell is author of Anatomy of The Bear: Lessons From Wall Street’s Four Great Bottoms and founder and course director of the Practical History of Financial Markets at The University of Edinburgh. Russell is on the board of two listed investment trusts, a member of the Investment advisory committees of three fund management companies and an advisor to a family office. In 2014 he founded the Library of Mistakes a business and financial history library in Edinburgh. Russell has degrees in law from Queen’s University Belfast and Magdalene College Cambridge is a Fellow of The CFA Society of the UK and is an Honorary Professor at both Heriot-Watt University and The University of Stirling.