Charles Mcelligott Headshot 250xErik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Charlie McElligott to MacroVoices. Erik and Charlie discuss:

  • Curve steepener as a recession signal
  • Dollar, real rates and inflation expectations impact on S&P500
  • Gauging tighter financial conditions
  • Chinese credit/financing impulse
  • Late cycle behavior from autos and homebuilders
  • Fearing the inversion or the steepener on the yield curve?
  • Nabe wage surveys, unemployment and recessions
  • Hedge fund underperformance and the performance chase

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Charlie McElligott is Managing Director and Cross-Asset Macro Strategist for Nomura’s Global Markets business.

Mr. McElligott is based in New York and joins Nomura from RBC Capital Markets where he was most recently a Managing Director and Head of US Cross-Asset Macro Strategy.

Mr. McElligott concentrates on macro markets with a focus on positioning and sentiment, alongside quantitative factor analysis. His goal is to provide actionable insights through daily content and idea generation.