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Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Ronald Stöferle to MacroVoices. Erik and Ronald discuss:

  • Is now the time to focus on secular shift in precious metals?
  • Secular shift to inflation or stagflation – what would that mean for precious metals?
  • How does this pandemic compare to the recession of 2008
  • The impact of weak commodities on precious metals
  • Can gold substitute for bonds in portfolios?
  • Impacts of strong USD on gold
  • Perspectives on mining stocks
  • Outlook on silver
  • Bitcoin vs. Gold
  • Are we due for a technical correction?

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Ronald-Peter Stöferle, CMT

Ronnie is managing partner of Incrementum AG and responsible for Research and Portfolio Management. He is responsible for 2 investment funds that focus on precious metals and inflation-sensitive assets. 

He started as an analyst at Vienna based Erste Group and set up the Commodity Research, primarily focussing on oil and precious metals. In 2007 he published his first In Gold We Trust report. Over the years, the In Gold We Trust report has proceeded to become one of the benchmark publications on gold, money, and inflation. This year’s edition was read by almost 2 million people and was for the first time also published in China.

Since 2013 he has held the position as reader at scholarium in Vienna, and he also speaks at Wiener Börse Akademie (i.e. the Vienna Stock Exchange Academy). In 2014, he co-authored the international bestseller “Austrian School for Investors”, and in 2019 “Die Nullzinsfalle” (The Zero Interest Rate Trap). He is a well-known keynote speaker, and has delivered presentations in 30 countries already. Moreover, he is an advisor for Tudor Gold Corp. (TUD), a significant explorer in British Columbia’s Golden Triangle. Ronnie is married and proud father of 3 daughters.