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Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Diego Parrilla to MacroVoices. Erik and Diego discuss:

  • How to interpret the strong market action despite the pandemic and civil unrest
  • What’s next for US Dollar?
  • Recent downside move in Gold – is this the time to buy? 
  • Perspectives on the rapid recovery in oil prices
  • Shift from deflation to inflation/stagflation – how long will this take?
  • False diversification
  • Likelihood of a risk parity unwind and its risks 


MacroVoices #190 Diego Parrilla: They'll change the rules to bail out the system 


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Diego Parrilla, is a Portfolio Manager at Quadriga Asset Managers, €1.8b alternative asset manager with headquarters in Madrid. Prior to joining Quadriga, Diego worked in LondonNew York, and Singapore for two decades and held senior leadership roles across macro commodity markets at JP MorganGoldman SachsMerrill LynchBlueCrest Capital and Dymon Asia, amongst others, including roles and responsibilities such as Global Head and Management Committee. In addition to his experience on the buy and sell side, Diego is co-author with Daniel Lacalle of best-selling “The Energy World is Flat: Opportunities from the End of Peak Oil” (Wiley, 2014) and sole author of “The Anti-Bubbles: Opportunities heading into Lehman Squared and Gold´s Perfect Storm” (BEP, 2017), and has collaborates selectively with the media, such as Financial Times, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg TV, Real Vision TV, or El Mundo, amongst others. Diego holds MS Mineral Economics from the Colorado School of Mines, MS Petroleum Economics and Management by the French Institute of Petroleum in Paris, and MS Mining and Petroleum Engineering by the Madrid School of Mines. Diego is married and father of 3 children and is passionate about sports, foreign languages and cultures, and fluent in SpanishEnglish, and French and a keen student of Mandarin Chinese and Italian, amongst other languages.