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Erik Townsend and guest co-host Kevin Muir welcome Mike Alkin & Guy Keller to MacroVoices. Erik, Mike and Guy discuss:

  • Future of nuclear power industry
  • How big is the Uranium mining industry post-Fukushima
  • Collapse of market capitalization of Uranium mining
  • How Uranium market works
  • Investment opportunities in Uranium market

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Mike Alkin

Mike Alkin is the Chief Investment Officer and Founder of Sachem Cove Partners, LLC*. At Sachem Cove, he leads the entirety of the investment process. He has nearly 25 years of hedge fund experience with extensive short selling experience across many industries. Prior to founding Sachem Cove, among his positions he was an analyst and partner for 7 years at multi-billion dollar hedge fund Knott Partners. Before Knott, he worked at Walker Smith Capital, Zweig-DiMenna and Windsor Partners.

Guy Keller

Guy has over 20 years of global commodity trading experience having worked in London, Singapore and Sydney. Prior to joining Tribeca, Guy spent 15 years as a Director with Macquarie Bank, most recently in Singapore as Head of the Asia Base Metal Trading. Guy has run trading strategies across base metals, precious metals and iron ore and has built up an extensive network of industry contacts including producers, consumers and physical traders.

Guy holds a Masters of Applied Finance from Macquarie University and a Bachelor of Social Science (Economics) from the University of New South Wales.