The only problem with Ireland is there’s not enough property to house these people. So big because like Google and Apple are all in Ireland and it's made this tremendous shortage of property so that means there is some huge opportunities.

I also looked a bitcoin and kind of updated my views on bitcoin I was very lucky last year to catch a good part of that bitcoin rally and I've also been long in the kind of longer term part of the portfolio since bitcoin was at about 200.

So just kind of updating my views on that. I talk a bit about the Trump administration and I generally avoid politics because I think politics and economics at two separate things. But when you have an incumbent government then everything is fair because you can criticize the government. I don't like getting involved in political debate ahead of elections and stuff because it's too heated and it's not necessarily what I do but I’m looking at the Trump administration the potential similarities to Silvio Balusconi in Italy what that did to the Italian economy, what the opportunities here are now, what the narratives are.

I look at some bombed out markets which is one of my favourite things in the world is you look for a market that's fallen 70, 80, 90% and if you look at the history of markets, no market stays down that way they tend to rebound and when they rebound, they rebound 300, 400, 500, 600, 1000% so these are great long term risk rewards.

The ones that are on my radar screen massively are Greece and Cyprus. Cyprus fell more than any other market I've ever found in all history and any of your listeners know any other market that fell more than 99% which is what Cyprus did you've got to imagine that the opportunities in Cyprus going forwards over the next ten, fifteen years have to produce decent returns.

Greece is another one where you could have bought every single company in Greece for the price of Bed Bath and Beyond in the US and I just think well that's nonsense Bed Bath and Beyond is not a particular good retailer either and you can buy every single company in Greece. So I’m looking at those kind of things, I’m looking at the future of emerging markets and also the Internet of Things.

So as you can see I cover a huge amounts of ground all kind of a nice little dive into topics that people that normally spend time over it and we spend so long worry about what the S.A.P. is going to do over the next two weeks but this is to step back and say OK let me learn something new, let me think about things in a different way.

So that’s normally just for my clients, my global macro investor clients who are a highly restricted readership base but I put it on Real Vision publications because A. obviously Real Vision is my thing but I also love what they're doing, the idea of the publications platform of giving people access to research they would never normally get and the feedback has been fantastic.

So people should just go to the realvision website there's a free trial or a 30 day money back guarantee just go in there and can check out research from myself, Pippa Malmgren, Stephanie Pomboy, they’ve all come out in the last three weeks there’s extraordinary stuff there. Stuff again people would never ordinarily be able to afford or get a chance to look at.