I won't really be able to give you too much of the details we launch on February the 9th it'll be called the Real Vision podcast and you'll be to find it on ITunes, Stitcher all the usual places that you find them but is going to be a highly immersive financial podcast with incredible soundscape, amazing stories, a bit of fun some great learning and some interaction with the past, with some of the content we've had on Real Vision Television as well but it's not really about that. It's about creating a financial universe and letting people walk around in it and obviously it's free of charge.

Erik: And I assume that we can now finally, because Aaron Chan has told our audience that its top secret what he's working on for Real Vision, I assume he's involved in this project. What is his role? If this is something Aaron is producing I know that our audience is going to like it.

Raoul: Yeah Aaron is involved in about a hundred different things here at Real Vision but he's been one of the key drivers with James Gibb in designing this. He also will be the producer of it along with James. So he's been really instrumental in learning some of the great things that you've done and again because we didn't want to step on your toes we wanted to create something very different so they've been hard at work doing that and on February 9th you'll hear the first iteration of it and then it will develop dramatically over the next six months to be a really unique experience.

Erik: Well that's fantastic. So mark your calendars everybody for February 9th and by all means have Aaron send us a link when you launch it and we'll send it out in our research roundup email so that everybody has access to it.

I can't thank you enough for Raoul for another fantastic interview we're going to have to leave it there in the interest of time but Patrick Ceresna and I will be back as Macro Voices continues right here at macrovoices.com.

[End of interview]