So you can learn from all sorts of people so it's really well worth doing and you get a 30 day free trial I can’t imagine anybody would want to keep one of their newsletter subscriptions to a newsletter writer who's not that well known, spams you with e-mails every day and does all of those things that they do versus getting research from a 100 pieces of research from 30 of the smartest people in the entire world, the value proposition is ludicrous it's about three hundred dollars a year and for that you get all of this.

Erik: I could not agree more and I really want to endorse it myself I have a subscription, I have been shocked by-- I kind of thought OK look you've got a lot of institutional writers here that charge 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars a year for a subscription to their work, all I'm going to get is going to be a paragraph or a teaser or something. It's not going to be real and I have been shocked in the other direction there is a lot of substantive content as you say. Stephanie Pomboy’s piece was outstanding and you've got so much there.

The thing that I have noticed about it too is – I never saw it coming, I don't know if you guys saw this – I almost find it's a different mood. I watch Real Vision Television usually at the gym on my phone on the treadmill or it's a drive in the car thing or it's out and about, it's something I listen to in the background. Whereas in the office for whatever reason I don't really sit in the office all day and watch television but I do read Real Vision publications it's like a different mood that it satisfies. Maybe that's just me.

Raoul: Yeah I agree and also what we’re trying to do is how to do is create a world where people get access to excellence. Everybody does watch video, everybody does read. It's about we want people to get rid of the junk that they are being sold and get some proper quality from really experienced people who have proven track records and listen to them and not to the stuff that gets sold to people because it's wrong, finance is not entertainment we take it very seriously and so we’re seriously building out some really cool stuff.

Erik: Well my hats off to you. I've been so impressed with everything that I've seen you guys do. Which brings me to another subject in this project that I'm doing here with Macro Voices I feel very fortunate that I have enjoyed a monopoly really it's been almost a year that we've been doing Macro Voices and of course there's a zillion and one financial podcasts on the internet but for this audience, for pro finance and sophisticated retail investors, the same kind of audience that you address with Real Vision television, really Real Vision television is the only content that I even take seriously as competition for what I do because for this audience nobody does anything in the pod – Real Vision Television's a totally different category, it's a paid service – but in the free podcast space nobody's doing this. I'm the only guy. Until you decided to muck it up didn't you?

Raoul: I did not, you and I talked about this – it’s actually interesting because we’ve been friends for a while – and we talked about should we do something together here, what are the opportunities and I think we realized that we had-- we love what you do it's got a really important place, you do a great job. Your guests love being on it you’ve got a great audience but we wanted to do something slightly different and not disrupt your applecart because you've got your own applecart and you’re doing a brilliant job with it. What we're going to go and do is something wildly different.

We're going to try and create the world's best financial podcast and we're going to create an immersive world of multi day broadcasting, incredible storytelling and the kind of rich texture of financial life that people don't get, that they have to piece together from all around the world. We’re going to bring all sorts of stuff.